Relationship Evolution is a premium 12-week program specifically designed for pre-engaged & engaged couples that desire consistent connection, lasting love, and passionate sex to bulletproof their marriage against divorce!

Dear Pre or Newly Engaged Couple,

I know what you’re going through. The pre-engaged phase can be tubulent. You’ve talked about marriage, but no action has been taken to signal that’s where you’re going. You believe you’re right for each other, but you both wonder whether your relationship will in fact stand the test of time, which means you’re in a standstill until something gets resolved.



As a newly engaged couple, the excitement of building your future together, the anxiety over creating your dream wedding, and figuring out your new life together can all put a huge strain on the engagement period.



Often during the engagement period, fights can spike, in-law drama arises, and instead of feeling like lovers ready to create a new life together, you can feel further apart than ever and even question why you’re getting married in the first place. 


But you’re hopeful. You feel like this phase will pass.  But as time goes on, you start to wonder “Where did WE go?” The same arguments, issues, disconnection and doubt start coming up. You feel alone, unheard, unimportant, and are at your wits end in how to get “US” back before The Big Day.


Basically, you desire more than anything to get the connection and intimacy and love that you used to have and want the negative communication and disconnection to stop. Your dream is that of a loving, connected, solid relationship to bring into a loving marriage that will last.



  • Safety & trust 

  • Equality & respect

  • To be desired by your partner (in & out of the bedroom)

  • To navigate arguments skillfully and not have it escalate to a two-hour blowout screaming match

  • Confidence in sharing your thoughts, feelings, and emotions (TFE)

  • Appreciation and acknowledged for your efforts

  • Teamwork in day-to-day responsibilities without arguments

  • Connection and acceptance on an intimate level

  • To be shown love the way you feel loved

  • Being a priority

  • Most importantly, fully believing you will make it “until death do us part.”


You’ve already tried to talk to them and address this and it was dismissed as "worrying too much" or "it's just wedding jitters."


Maybe you’ve…


  • Tried reading that self-help book on communication

  • Listened to that relationship podcast

  • Tried going to couple’s therapy, which seemed okay, until the therapist played favorites

  • Started to feel like roommates

  • Begun to think the arguments will never end and you’ll never feel heard

  • Thought that they aren’t the right person for you, even if for just a split second


If you feel that you’re stuck or you’ve hit a road bump or feeling like you’re veering way off course and don’t know how to get back, this program is for you! Don’t go into marriage, one of the most important decisions of your life, with doubts.

“My husband and I took this together, and we loved how much closer it made us! We were able to understand each other’s behaviors and perspectives more than we ever have before, and we had some amazing conversations. In addition, I work as a counselor and case manager. I use information from this course to help my clients improve their relationships. Such an amazing experience, one I recommend to everyone no matter where you are in life.”

Abigail Arner

“Savannah is sensitive in her approach but she still speaks the truth no matter how hard it is to hear. She’s also very encouraging and validating with our feelings!” 


If you choose this journey with me, you will be guided step-by-step to marital success!


I believe in marriage and I believe in your relationship!




I want to help you create the loving, trusting, connected and sexually fulfilling marriage you desire, and more importantly, deserve.




I know exactly what you don’t want to go through once you’re married and how to avoid the pain and disconnection!




My husband and I struggled for a long time with a dishonest relationship where he hid his porn addiction, constantly lying, and I was traumatized and suffered Betrayal Trauma from the experience. It took a couple years of disconnection, fighting, late nights sobbing on the floor, and times of separation for us to really come back together and kick his porn addiction and intimacy anorexia in the ass and reconstruct a new and healthy relationship between the two of us.

Let me tell you, that is NOT how you want your marriage to start!




I don’t want you to have to experience infidelity, financianal secrecy, addiction, or abuse.



My biggest hope for you and your partner is to have a healthy, loving, and connected marriage.

“Savannah is still very straight forward, but in a more delicate way. She is super knowledgeable and gives amazing guidance. I love that she opens up and shares her own personal experiences to give us great examples to help us understand something better.”


“Savannah is creative, reflective, and very descriptive in her coaching. She uses fantastic metaphorical explanations and analogies to communicate her message and her answer.”


I run an intentional, intensive, high-end coaching practice that gets clients results. 

My marriage with Jak wasn’t always as amazing as it is today. In fact, when I discovered my husband’s porn addiction, we weren’t married, and things were already stressful. I chose to marry Jak knowing about his addiction, and I don’t regret it one bit!

I have taken every thing I have learned from my education and personal experience in marriage to design this program for your success (as long as you do the work!).


I can help you turn your pre-engaged or newly engaged relationship into a bulletproof marriage full of happiness, love, intimacy and connection.

You don’t have to wait another month, let alone another day to set your marriage up for success!


Maybe you’re the couple who has been brainwashed (by not fault of your own) by society with the myth of “relationships should be easy and if they aren’t then something’s wrong.” 

Most couples try to tackle their issues on their own, maybe out of shame, or just simply thinking they can figure it out, and that it will be a piece of cake.


So, I have a question for you…

Would you approach your life this way? 

Your job, education, parenting, friendships?

When you are working on building your career, does it come easy, or is there hard work involved in getting you to where you are?

It takes work! Right?



So, why does society imply that the most important relationship in our life should just come easy? 

This is why so many couples call it quits too early or just stay with each other and settle for the roommate (passionless) marriage.  


Everything in life requires work and effort and there is nothing wrong with that.

In fact, it’s often the areas that we put the most effort into that reap the best rewards… so why not start putting that same effort into your soon to be marriage?

Here is the truth…

Every single relationship goes through hard times.

We can’t escape it.

So how is it that some couples make it while others break it? It’s about their intentional commitment, knowledge, skills, and effort.

Often couples think:

“It’s fine, it will work in the end, it’s just a bump.”

“I am expecting too much.”

“Fake it til you make it, right?”

“We’ve tried couples therapy, will any program work for us?”

“Help is too expensive, we can figure this out on our own.”

“Life gets busy, of course our relationship is on the back burner right now”


This is NOT you. Don’t let it be you. 

Don’t throw your chance to have a successful marriage away and be another statistic.

Put in the effort.

Don’t lose yourself, your partner, and family to be before you even walk down the aisle.

Most couples are NOT equipped with the proper relationship skills before marriage – whether it was a lack of education growing up, didn’t have married parents, or never really learned all the interpersonal skills to create a healthy connected relationship.

Without outside help, couples are often left a bit clueless in how to figure out how to be married and be healthy, happy, and truly connected to one another.

“Savannah is super down to earth and easy to talk to. Her style is calm and approachable, and I love that she shares her personal experiences–this makes her easy to connect to!”


“This coaching team works day in and day out, every single day. I would be surprised if there are other coaches out there that are as dedicated as Chloe and Savannah.”


Here is what you can expect from Relationship Evolution:

This program isn’t going to be sitting back and learning, this program is active and engaging and hands on. There are 4 distinct parts of the program outside of the application. You and your partner will learn about the concepts and getting intuitive exercises to do alone and together – and don’t worry you’re not alone in this, we meet weekly to go over everything!

By the end of the 3 months, your biggest takeaways are:

 Understanding your partner’s perspectives during conversations

 Killer communication skills

 Passionate Sex

 A strong team entering marriage

 Intimacy that will have your friends filled with envy

 Connection and trust that is bullet proof

 Confidence in the road ahead and a roadmap to stay on the path of love & connection

How does the program work?

Welcome Packet:

As soon as you are enrolled in the program, you will receive a welcome packet to help get the best results from the program and fully prepare you for the upcoming weeks. 


    For the next 3 months, you will receive:

    Weekly Couple Coaching sessions where you and your partner will receive one on one coaching with Savannah Esposito, where we will address the various challenges and progress for that week. This is one of the most dynamic parts of the program where you get my undivided attention to help you guys move forward and overcome any blocks. On the call, we will do some connecting and interactive exercises so you can then feel confident about integrating these skills into your life. (Total of 12 Couples Sessions)


    Bi-Weekly Individual sessions where you will have one on one coaching with Savannah Esposito and address any personal blocks that are occurring or discuss any issues you are nervous in addressing with your partner so we can figure out a way to bring that issue up. (Each Partner Has 6 Individual Sessions)

    Module 1: Fighting Fears, Triumph in Trust and Conquering Connection

    Module 1 is all about safety, trust, and getting on the same page about your future!

    In this module we cover the foundations of life together – environment, living arrangements, finances, careers, and any other area that is key to your success as a couple!

    You will learn to lean into each other versus isolate and withdraw.

    Module 2: Learning Each Other’s Lens’ and Tuning In

    Module 2 is all about communication skills and building intimacy! 

    We delve into communication patterns, individual perspectives, and the language nuances that can either lead to connection or disconnection!

    Once communication skills are down we move on to the Intiamcy Evaluation to see where you currently are in the 7 Levels and 11 Types of Intimacy and how to grow your connection to new levels you never imagined possible!

    Module 3: Clear in Commitment and Sexual Satisfaction

    Module 3 is all about the sexual intimacy in your relationship.

    At The Mod we address the issues that come with modern marriage – social media, definitions of cheating, and the spectrum of monogamy!

    In this module no stone is left unturned before you say “I Do.” You will each understand the meaning of marriage and the meaning of commitment from each of your perspectives.

    You will enter marriage knowing the boundaries of your personal relationship, know the definitions of cheating, and be fully prepared to enter marriage knowing how to avoid falling into sexual tempation outside the marriage and boundaries you’ve set.

    Module 4: Building Your Future

    Module 4 is all about building your future and avoiding the key mistakes married couples made before entering marriage!

    In this module we go deep into all the areas that can be impacted if not addressed before marriage.

    This module enables you each to be fully aware of pitfalls that most couples fall into as well as your unique weak points to be aware of so that you don’t fall into your unique pitfalls.

    You’ll leave this module with a plan for the next couple years of your marriage in expecations, wants, desires, and goals!

    My clients work with me because...

    I empathize greatly with their individual stories as well as their couple story. I have an instinctual ability to identify challenges and struggles the couples go through. I have the ability to help couples gain self-awareness so they can incorporate the change needed to gain connection. My clients are always amazed at how quickly they start seeing progress with my techniques, exercises, and process.

    “Savannah is such a sweet person and easy to talk to. She always has good advice about keeping relationships going.”


    “This world needs more people like Savannah! You are saving marriages…saving children from broken homes.


    This program will transform not only your relationship but your life by giving you the amazing tool of self-reflection and self-awareness, which you will be able to apply to all areas of your life and create lasting change!

    Click Here

    Facts on Marriage & Divorce: Make an Informed Decision


    66. The risk of divorce was said to be almost doubled – 97 percent higher – when the mother went out to work but her husband made a “minimal contribution” to housework and childcare.

    67. In 2011, Facebook was cited as a major contributor to 1/3 of divorce petitions examined by one U.K. study.

    68. In a study by the University of Rochester, researchers said that watching romantic movies and having a conversation around it helps in lowering the divorce rates from 24 to 11 percent in marriages of three years.

    69.  Pornography addiction was cited as a factor in 56 percent of divorces according to a recent study. 


    104. The average total cost of divorce in the United States is $15,000.

    105. Families with children that were not poor before the divorce see their income drop as much as 50 percent.

    106. Almost 50 percent of the parents with children that are going through a divorce move into poverty after the divorce.

    107. 27% of recently divorced women had less than $25,000 in annual household income compared with 17% of recently divorced men.

    108. 60% of people under poverty guidelines are divorced women and children.


    I have even seen divorces that cost up to $135k!

    Divorce is no joking matter and has serious consequences, which is why it’s so important to go into marriage fully informed, prepared, aware, and armed with the best relationship skills possible!

    “Before entering Savannah’s program, I was feeling scared, but somewhat hopeful but unsure about how the program could help us. When we graduated the program, I felt confident that we had the tools, skills, and resources to work on our relationship and overcome obstacles as they come up; I also feel way more ’emotionally open’ with James. The biggest impact the program had was working on trust and open communication in the moment, especially with regards to arguing (or, preventing arguments) and learning how to argue effectively.

    I found the most value came from the 60-minute sessions and the homework was extremely beneficial. Honestly, the entire program was super intentional and beneficial. Our relationship has changed with having fewer arguments, we feel more emotionally open/connected and have more one-on-one time that is more intentional and balanced (i.e. we go out AND stay in). Savannah is extremely compassionate and knowledgeable and validating. Her program is clear cut and straight forward while also being challenging and validating to our individual needs (as well as our needs as a couple).


    If you have tried other types of help and are thinking about joining Savannah’s program, DO IT! Seriously, I couldn’t recommend Savannah and her program enough. Having a third-party who is objective while also being empathetic and validating is a RARE find in a coach of ANY sort. Savannah is someone who is very intuitive and patient. She treats you both as individuals while also teaching you how to be an actual team as a couple. I am SO grateful for Savannah and her program. My relationship with James is one of the most important relationships I have ever had. Before her program I was honestly doubting our abilities to live together and to make it through as a team. Savannah’s help honestly saved us, and I am confident we will be together for many more years to come!” 

    Jenny Gage

    Truly, the value you are receiving of saving your marriage and future family is priceless.

    Seriously, look at your partner.

    Could you really put a price on that?

    Ready to set your marriage up for success?


    The investment is $3,900 (and yes, there are payment plan options!)

    Apply now (Spots are limited!)


    When you click apply, you and your partner will each fill out an application. Once I go over the application, if I feel it’s a good fit I will reach out to schedule a “Meet and Greet” call to get to know one another, to answer any questions you may have. If we feel it’s a good fit then I’ll invite you to join Relationship Evolution and we will get started! Once you complete your registration and payment, your Welcome packet will be in your inbox.


    Relationship Evolution is NOT your average program.

    I’ll be helping, guiding, and teaching you the skills needed to gain self-awareness, face and overcome fears, communicate openly, and gain the intimacy of a life time. I don’t just take what I’ve learned from education and self-study, but I give you what I know from not only my personal experiences but the experiences of other’s I’ve helped. I have gone to hell and back to save my own marriage by using the knowledge from my education, self-study and my creativity to create unique and fun exercises that no-one else can come up with. You  have the skills to face the obstacles life throws at you.

    Don’t waste any more time trying to go at this alone. Let me help you gain the love and connection you’ve been dying for. Imagine for a moment of the connection and love you desire. What would you do to make that your reality?

    The bravest most courageous (and loving) thing you can do is set your marriage up for success!

    Relationship Evolution is perfect if you:

    • Have talked about getting engaged but haven’t taken the plunge just yet because you want to make sure the relationship is able to stand the test of time

    • Have recently gotten engaged and are preparing for your wedding! What better way to prepare than to focus on what matters – Your Relationship!

    • Have already tried to do it on your own and are ready to get professional help

    • Are ready to make the changes you need to get the results you desire

    • Don’t have knowledge of how to achieve emotional intimacy 

    • Are able to dedicate a couple hours each week to building your relationship to be bulletproof! 

    • Are ready to trust the process, trust yourself, and trust me.

    • Are ready to have the connection and love you’ve been craving

    Relationship Evolution is not for you if you:

    • Are not willing to put in the effort and are looking for a quick fix. You must be ready to do the work.

    • Are currently cheating on your partner (whether emotional, physical, online, financially, etc.), domestic violence is occurring or there is abuse

    • You are currently struggling with addiction(s) and even are keeping it a secret from your partner. Couples work cannot happen until each individual is safe and healthy. I would highly recommend getting individual treatment to address any infidelity, addiction, or abuse.

    • Are blaming your partner and will not take responsibility for your actions.

    • Think you can fix this yourself

    • Are not able to trust the process

    • ***If, you are experiencing porn addiction, intimacy anorexia and/or betrayal trauma, our Knights & Warriors program is the better fit program for you!***

    Ready to set your marriage up for success?


    The investment is $3,900 (and yes, there are payment plan options!)

    Apply now (Spots are limited!)

    Have Questions? We have answers!

    Is this therapy?

    No, coaching is not therapy. Coaching works with the present issues going on, therapy goes back into the past to deal with childhood trauma, mental health issues, behavioral issues, etc.


    Is this covered by insurance?

    No as coaching is not within the medical field.


    Are there refunds?

    We have a no refund policy as we heavily vet our clients before taking them on to make sure they are the right fit. We would not have accepted you if we believed our program would not help you.

    What happens if we miss a session?

    Life is unpredictable and things come up, I totally get that. If you do need to reschedule I have a 24-hour policy where if you contact me with a 24-hour notice we can cancel. However, if you do not let me know with a 24-hour notice there is a late cancellation fee of $105. Missing sessions will hurt progress within the program, and a missed session will need to be made up within a week to stay on track.

    How much time commitment will this program require?

    Every day you will need to set aside 15 minutes for the homework exercises, and 1-3 hours a week for the coaching calls.

    Why do I have to fill out an application?

    I use a very in-depth application that allows me to assess what you’re going through and whether you and your partner would be a good fit for this program. The assessment gives me a sense of who you are, your history, your present, and your desires for the future.

    This application will take you approximately 30-45 minutes to fill out and you will have to fill it out in one sitting, so be sure you have the time. 

    If I apply do I pay anything?

    No. The application is simply you answering questions. Payment would only occur if we decide to move forward in this program together!

    Ready to set your marriage up for success?


    The investment is $3,900 (and yes, there are payment plan options!)

    Apply now (Spots are limited!)

    Have More Questions?

    Email me at with the title “Relationship Evolution Questions”



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