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I understand what it’s like to feel hopeless when you know your relationship could be more connected and intimate with just some effort and time. Somehow, though, your relationship isn’t moving forward the way you thought it would.

You look around and you see couples, laughing, communicating, connecting, and bragging about their new job promotion, their amazing sex life, or that they’re going to start a family. You ask yourself, “why isn’t my relationship that good?”

There are two important factors here: You and Your Partner.

That is always where I start when I want to make sure my relationship is at it’s best. Realizing that there are two people here and that both have to want the relationship to work. You can only control you, and if you are dedicated to improving, maybe that will inspire your partner. Maybe it won’t. But either way, your relationship can improve, if you and your partner want it.

Realizing that you and your partner have the power to change your lives is amazing. You truly do have the power in your hands. You can wake up and make the decision to be better, both personally and relationally. You can create a deep connection; you just have to choose it.

The time is now to take the action in your life to create lasting healthy and connected relationships. Oftentimes couples wait until the relationship is in shambles before reaching out for help, whether through coaching or therapy and at that point sometimes the damage is too deep.

Relationships are work, they are not easy, and they require your time, dedication and effort. According to Dr. Gottman, couples tend to wait an average of six years of being unhappy before seeking help. Don’t be the couple that waits too long to seek help. Be the couple that knows the worth of your relationship and seeks out help before it’s too late!

The Relationship Reboot Coaching Program at The Modern Mr. and Mrs. LLC

Note: Spots are limited! Savannah is taking up to 14 couples from January-December 2019.


If you are struggling in your relationship with connection and intimacy, communicating well and listening to each other, balancing responsibilities, and struggling in your sex life, then this program is for you! In this program, you will learn a vast number of skills and new strategies that will last you a lifetime in your primary relationship, and some skills that will even benefit your relationships with family and friends.

Length of Program: Approximately 3 months. Some couples will move through the program quicker, and some will move slower. Every couple has their own pace, and that’s okay!

Calls: 60-minute calls each week (12-14 calls total!). There will be an individual call with each of you, in the beginning, to help assess the key issues and where each of you are as individuals.

Between calls support: In this program, I will be available for you to contact me throughout the week as well. Text (preferred) or email support will be available. A 20-minute call midweek will be available if there is something you’re really struggling with.

Homework: This program will have daily check-in sheets that you will do from day one. These check-in sheets help with all the things we will cover in the program. There will be educational sheets, journaling exercises, creative out of the box exercises, and individual homework as well.

By the end of this program: You will have the skills necessary to have a deeply connected, healthy, and intimate relationship. You will have self-awareness, the ability to be vulnerable, know how to argue respectfully, understand yourself and your partner on a deeper level, and able to communicate openly and honestly (lessening arguments), and finally, you will be connected to your own sexuality and able to have a mutually satisfying sex life with your partner.


Program Schedule


Note: an “*” next to a bullet point means that that part is done individually.


  • Pre-Work
    • Family of Origin Sheet
    • Relationship History Sheet
    • Personality/Personal Values Questionnaire Sheet
    • Relationship Evaluation
  • Fears/Trust/Connection
    • Identify fears concerning intimacy*
    • Identify fears about your partner*
    • Challenging those fears
    • Identify your love language*
    • Identify your attachment styles*
    • Identify communication styles/patterns*
    • Exercises that complement the different things we will be addressing
    • Coming together in the end with those exercises, sharing, and implementing new skills and patterns
  • Communication
    • Educate on Communication strategies/techniques
    • Learn each other’s default lens/perspectives
    • Learning how to disagree respectfully
    • Learning how to have effective arguments rather than destructive ones
    • Learning listening skills and empathy
    • Learning the ability to compromise
    • Identify old patterns, and see new communication patterns you can implement with all the education, skills, and knowledge you’ve acquired
    • Start taking risks with communication with the new skills
  • Sexual Intimacy
    • Identify how you learned about sex and if you have any “hang-ups” or shame surrounding sex or any sexual acts or your own sexuality*
    • Identify your natural sex drive and desire*
    • Exercises will be done pertaining to desire, drive, and sexuality*
    • Depending on the issues present, there will be some creative solutions to implement changing old negative sexual patterns and developing fun new ways to engage in sex

This Program is for you if:

  • You’ve been together for at least one year
  • You are struggling with communication, listening, and arguing
  • You are not fulfilled in your sex life
  • You are not connecting on a deeper level and feel like roommates
  • You are recently married (within 6 years)
  • You both are committed to creating an amazing, connected, relationship

This Program is not for you if:

  • You just started dating (i.e. 3 months ago)
  • You’re single
  • You’re not committed to change
  • You’re not committed to your relationship
  • You’re currently cheating and do not want to stop
  • You’re currently in your addiction and not in recovery/do not want recovery

Testimonials from working with me at Millennial

“I have a background of being the victim of sexual abuse, and a history of pornography, masturbation, and orgasm that spans decades. I have been in therapy, sexual addiction treatment facilities, and many 12-Step Programs. Savannah Esposito is one of the most thoroughly knowledgeable SME (Subject Matter Experts) I have ever had the privilege to know. Her advice and words of wisdom is unsurpassed and unparalleled. I would highly recommend her as your relationship coach.”


“My husband and I took this course together, and we loved how much closer it made us! We were able to understand each other’s behaviors and perspectives more than we ever have before, and we had some amazing conversations. In addition, I work as a counselor and case manager. I use information from this course to help my clients improve their relationships. Such an amazing experience, one I recommend to everyone no matter where you are in life.”

Abigail Arner

Common Problems I Hear From Couples

That he is very immature and acts like a 21-year-old college kid and not the 36-year-old father he is.” 


We aren’t 100% trusting of each other.” -M.

My ideal relationship would be where all the parenting duties were split 50-50.”  -K.

He is not loyal. It seems his eyes are always on some other girl, whether it’s real life or porn.”  -S.

“Communication – mostly me, honestly. He is a big talker and I always listen carefully. I am not a big talker at all.”  -V.

He lies to me.”  -O.

“He doesn’t listen.” -L.

“Biggest frustration- his fight with a porn addiction.” -M.

“Biggest frustration is lack of sex. I seem to have a much higher sex drive than my husband.” -S.

If this sounds like you and your partner, don’t worry. Relationships can always improve and change for the better.

These issues have common themes of lack of communication, sexual intimacy issues, addiction, maturity, and loyalty & honesty. They are foundational issues, and they can be resolved! 

Who Is Savannah Esposito?

Savannah Esposito has studied psychology for years, is married, has faced and overcome many struggles in her life. She has spent the past 6+ years researching relationships, psychology, neuroscience, addiction, and more. With her knowledge and experience, Savannah’s mission is to help others gain connection and intimacy in their relationships.

Savannah believes in the ability to overcome life’s challenges so much so that she is writing a book about her experience with her husband and his pornography addiction and how they are overcoming an addiction that tears couples apart. (If you want more info on the book, subscribe here!)

Frequently Asked Questions

How Are Sessions Held?

The 60-minute sessions are held over Skype. I hold my sessions on Skype with video because video enables a stronger connection and I am able to see you and your partner and how your body language is.


What If I Need To Reschedule a Session?

You can reschedule. As long as you reschedule/cancel with 24 hours notice there is no issue. If you cancel/do not show up to session without 24 hours notice there is a no show/late cancellation fee of $50. No-shows are defined as not showing up/cannot reach you/late past 15 minutes of scheduled session. This fee can be paid off within 15 days. If the fee is not paid within 15 days of receiving the invoice, there will be a late payment fee of $15.


What If I Get Stuck?

If you get stuck on the homework, we can talk it out through text, or we can set up a mid-week 30 minute Skype call. If there is a question you really aren’t sure how to answer you can simply skip it and come back to it later  as you have more time to reflect.


Is This Confidential?

Yes. Everything in this program remains confidential. Your information, notes from session, and homework all are on hard copies, locked away. Anything digital remains on an external hard-drive that is only plugged into the computer to transfer information and then is locked away as well. The only time confidentiality would be broken is if you disclosed thoughts of harming yourself or another person.


Can I Contact You Between Sessions?

Absolutely! Especially if you’re stuck on any of the homework or want to process something mid-week. You can text me, and we can set up a mid-week 30 minute Skype call if you need to talk something out!

How Does Payment Work? Are There Refunds?

Payment is either through PayPal or Square. You can choose to pay in full or choose the payment plan of paying $100 at each call if that makes more sense for you financially/is easier. Paying through the payment plan will be a little more than paying in full.

Refund policy can be found in the terms and conditions page.


Interested? Want a Free Strategy Session?

You want to make the jump between the relationship you have now, and the relationship you desire. I’ve spent the past 6+ years helping those around me in their relational lives and helping them become the best versions of themselves and gaining the relationships they desire.

If you’re interested in the coaching package and want to make sure we are the right fit, set up a free strategy session! This is a call where you can gain insight into the package, help me understand what you and your partner’s needs are, and get to know me a little more to see if we are a good fit. 

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