Welcome to RISE – the healthiest betrayal trauma recovery support group around!

I’m Savvy Esposito, your mentor and coach, and in RISE you’re encouraged to be you – just as you are.

✨ You’re amazing as you are

✨ Love yourself always

✨ Be compassionate with yourself

✨ Don’t fall into the comparison trap

✨ Continue to RISE, grow, and evolve

You’re amazing as you are as well as each day you continue to grow and get closer to the best version of yourself! ❤️ 

At The Modern Mr. and Mrs. my co-coach, Chloe, and I created the most up to date recovery model in the sexual addiction field – The Phoenix Model. We were invited by Dr. Cali Estes to create the most up to date sexual addiction certification for coaches and therapists with our recovery model at The Addictions Academy back in 2021 and continue to certify other professionals each year!

Our recovery model focuses on FIRE – Fostering Intentional Relationship Evolution. We know that each person in the relationship or marriage is just that – a person with value, history, and a story of their own. Unlike the old models of recovery where one side of the couple was heard and the other invalidated, here at The Modern Mr. and Mrs., in our betrayal trauma recovery group, RISE, you will find us validating each partner as well as the couple. 



As a betrayed partner, you didn’t ask, you didn’t know, and you didn’t deserve sexual betrayal from your partner.


And as a betrayed partner you have the power to choose to pick up the pen and write the next chapter in your story.


You can choose to isolate, attempt to learn about betrayal trauma, sexual addiction, and recovery alone.


Or you can choose to reach out for help, join a safe and supportive community, and begin to reclaim your life back and RISE.

I personally was floundering, struggling, and barely surviving, until I met Chloe, who was two years ahead of where I was in my recovery journey (read my whole recovery story here). Once we met, we swiftly became best friends in recovery. Now, seven years later, we are still best friends, and always there for each other.

We’ve been where you are – feeling shattered, broken, a shell of your former self. We’ve had the days of not getting out of bed after D’Day, the nightmares, the paralyzing triggers, and the unbearable isolation that comes with betrayal trauma. We also know that you can live again, find meaning in this traumatic time, and move forward to build a new healthy lifestyle.

Allow us to be there for you in your time of transformation.

The goal in our betrayal trauma recovery support group, RISE, is to help support, guide, and mentor those wanting to actively recover achieve the results that we live – a healthy, loving, connected relationship with yourself, your spouse (and kids).

RISE is not a step by step program, but rather an ever evolving betrayal trauma recovery support group that matches the needs of the members. In RISE you will be added to the RISE Slack Channel where you will have 24/7 access and support to your peers as well as Chloe and myself. Alongside the daily access and support, each day there is a check-in that helps to build healthy foundations in your recovery and life. Plus, there are two Slack Huddle sessions each month where you are live with myself and/or Chloe where you can ask questions, get coaching, as well as request us to address certain topics in recovery that are coming up for the group so that you and the other members can get the very best support and results in your lives and recovery.

In RISE some – but by no means all – of the topics we cover:

How To Set, Hold, & Maintain Healthy Boundaries

✨ Learning to Detach Yourself From The Addiction & Build Your Self – Esteem

✨How To Create a Safe Environment

✨ How To Build Back Trust Within Yourself (& With Your Partner)

✨ How To Identify, Navigate, and Heal From Triggers

✨ Healthy vs. Unhealthy Sex In Recovery

✨ Understanding The Different Types of Disclosures & Identifying What You Need From One

If you’ve yet to find a safe, supportive, healthy, accountable, and growth focused recovery community, then look no further than RISE. If you’re still not sure, please don’t hesitate to schedule a complimentary Meet & Greet session with me where we can discuss where you’re at in recovery, what your recovery needs are, what the challenges are, and the goals you have for yourself, marriage, and family to make sure RISE is the best fit for you!

RISE is a $103/month investment into your self development and recovery. Group ranges from 3 – 30 members. Should you need a sliding scale or pro bono spot, please let me know when you schedule the Meet & Greet Session!


 Question: Are there refunds?

Answer: No, we do not offer refunds for services.


Question: Are the Slack Huddles recorded?

Answer: No, they are not. 


Question: Do I need to attend every Slack Huddle?

Answer: You don’t *have* to, but are highly encouraged to! This is where you get live support from Chloe and/or myself and we can deep dive into various topics and you can get coached live.


Question: When are the Slack Huddles?

Answer: Every other Saturday at 1pm EST


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