You and your partner know you need help but feel overwhelmed with where to start because you don’t want to waste time, money, and energy in the wrong place.

Let me say welcome, you’re exactly in the right place now!

When I was in the early days of betrayal trauma, Jak and I tried so hard to find resources, help, and a way to overcome his pornography addiction and intimacy anorexia.

We saw over five different therapists over one year where Jak and I were either told….

1. “Have you tried female friendly porn?” (one of Jaks therapists)

2. “You need to loosen your boundaries Savannah” (couples therapist)

3. “You don’t have a problem Jak. I don’t know why you’re seeing me. Your girlfriend is the one who is insecure.” (one of Jaks therapists)

Needless to say Jak’s addiction was enabled and he was invalidated in his experience while I was re-traumatized by professionals that were unqualified to see clients with sexual addiction, intimacy anorexia, and betrayal trauma.

And sadly our story is the norm. 

I have been helping married couples struggling from sexual addiction, intimacy anorexia, and betrayal trauma overcome the fallout and save themselves, their marriage, and build out a successful recovery lifestyle since 2017.

Our Recovery Starter Bundle was specifically designed to set you and your partner up for success!

In our bundle we give you the very best of the best so that you can start recovery on the right foot.

Over the years we had programs and groups that had strong success… but the feedback we got moving forward was that they wanted these to be take home programs versus live programs (because of time zone issues, crazy schedules, kids melting down during group).

That is why we put all our programs and offers together to create the ultimate starter bundle! 

In our recovery starter bundle you get:

 Three take home programs: First Step Into Recovery for the recovering betrayed partner, SSR for the recovering addict partner, & Streamlined with our How To Tackle Triggers in Recovery Training for both recovering partners

Daily Accountability Recovery Opportunity

*Each partner gets their own ACED workbook

*Each partner gets their own Positivity Journal

3 hour Rock Your Recovery Strategy Session with me

Access to me through messenger in Quenza Client Platform up until our 3 hour session 

You leave with:

1. Saving precious time as your recovery is streamlined in this bundle

2. Saving hard-earned money as you can invest in the right places with peace of mind

3. Saving unnecessary heartache as your marriage has a higher and faster chance at being rebuilt

4. The ability to avoid re-traumatization from unqualified professionals so that you don’t go through any more than you already have

*For clients in the US only

I designed Rock Your Recovery: Starter Bundle because my entire goal in creating my company was to save people time, money, re-traumatization, and heartache by filling the gaps of the industry.

I don’t want you to make the same mistakes we and hundreds of others made that led to them wasting years and thousands of dollars in the wrong places and led to their recovery journey being 10x harder than it ever had to be.

In the Rock Your Recovery 3 Hour Strategy Session you will leave session with:

✓ Clarity & direction moving forward so that you are not paralyzed in recovery wasting months on being indecisive

✓ A deep understanding of the various recovery profesionals, the titles behind their name, and how to vet them, knowing exactly how to build out your ideal recovery team so that you don’t get re-traumatized or waste thousands on the wrong professionals

✓ Personalized Recovery Plans (PRP) and a Relational Recovery Plan (RRP) that include staple recovery exercises that streamline our higher level clients recovery and a recovery resource list so that you can begin implementing new strategies immediately.

✓ Understand exactly which type of sexual addiction you’re going through (there are 6 types), whether intimacy anorexia is a part of your recovery journey, and the exact steps to take next so that you can streamline your recovery process.

How Does The Rock Your Recovery Strategy Session Work?

Our 3 hour session is for married couples, where you are both on the session at various times, you both fill out pre-work so that I can give you the very best so that you leave with confidence in your recovery journey!

The pre-work is intensive, and you each should set aside one hour to fill it out completely. This pre-work was designed so that I can get a deep understanding of what has gone on and what is currently going on so that I can help you move forward in the most streamlined way.

Rock Your Recovery Strategy Session Scheduling & Times:

Saturday sessions offered at 12:00pm or 1:00pm eastern.

Please schedule your Rock Your Recovery Strategy Session out by a minimum of 2 weeks to give both partners ample time to do the take home programs BEFORE we get on this session so that I can best serve you, answer questions, help you with any areas you got stuck on, and more!   

Investment: $900

Yes, that is really it.

Invest $900 and save thousands by not making the biggest mistakes and getting guidance on exactly where you should be putting your recovery efforts, your money, and your time.


Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: You must cancel with at least 48 hours in advance to not be charged a cancellation fee of $105. 

Q: Are there refunds?

A: No, there are no refunds. 

Q: You say we need to take about an hour to fill out the pre-work, is there anything we need with us when filling it out?

A: When filling it out, it’s wise to copy the answers to a google doc or word doc in case you lose the submission.

It has happened on rare ocassion when a client writes an essay for every single answer and the google form cannot support the length of the answers.

Answer the questions thoroughly, but don’t feel you need to write an essay for every answer.

Q: What tangible things do we leave session with?

A: You leave session with:

1. Personal Recovery Plans (PRP’s)

2. Relational Recovery Plan (RRP)

3. How To Vet Your Help Cheat Sheet

4. Staple Recovery Opportunities (exercises) for you to do individually and/or as a couple depending on your unique recovery needs

5. Recovery Resources

Q: Are you just going to pitch us your recovery programs?

A: No. This is not a call to pitch you our services.

When we get into recovery team planning, we will discuss your needs, and if our program is a good fit, only then would I mention our services and go over them if you also feel it’s a good fit.

Otherwise, I will be helping you build out your recovery team with a variety of other resources and professionals as we go through how to vet your help and build out your team.

Q: You say recovery team, that sounds expensive. Why do you mention a recovery team?

A: Depending on the type of sexual addiction you’re going through (there are 6 types) you may need a variety of professionals to meet your recovery needs.

Your life, your health, and your marriage matter. If you have health insurance or HSA’s, that can offset some of the healthcare costs from healthcare professionals. For coaches clients pay out of pocket.

Clients often get creative throughout the recovery process with finances to make their dreams of being healthy and saving their marriage happen.

While I help you with figuring out your recovery team, what you do when you leave session is your choice. You may pursue every professional suggested or just one or two. 

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