Whether you’re single and dating, in a long-term relationship, or married, this newsletter gives you self-awareness, direction in what steps to take next, and the ability to learn from other’s who submit questions as well. 


This newsletter is akin to coaching in that you will be getting actionable steps to take in real life to try with yourself and/or your partner. 


Given this is a free newsletter, if you enjoy it, and are able to, emailing back after the newsletter with your thoughts and what you took away is a great way to connect, show appreciation, and build a relationship! 


In this newsletter I encourage feedback from you! If you think there is something else that can be added to the newsletter to make it even better, the door is always open to reply to one of the emails with feedback and suggestions! 


I truly hope to see you in Savvy Answers!


– Each Friday a Savvy Answers letter will be in your inbox if there were questions submitted that week

– The ability to submit as many questions as you want each week


I’m a firm believer of you get out what you put in. You have the opportunity to get a lot out of Savvy Answers when you participate weekly by submitting questions as well as reading each letter that goes out. Not only will you be able to get direction, guidance, and coaching opportunities weekly on anything you’ve submitted, but you will also learn from other’s questions as well.


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