The One You Feed is inspired by the Native American story “Two Wolves” (believed to be of Cherokee origin) which described the grandfather telling his grandson about the battle of two wolves as a metaphor to describe the internal battles we have. When the grandson asked which wolf won, the grandfather said, “whichever one you feed.”

So, which wolf are you going to feed?

The Addiction/Trauma Wolf or The Health/Connection Wolf?

In The One You Feed, you will be pushed to grow as a person, partner, parent, friend, and all the other hats you wear in life.

This is a place meant for self-reflection, growth, honesty, accountability, and recovery.

Ideal for those 0 – 3 months post D-Day

savvy answers – $11/month

A paid weekly coaching newsletter on recovery and relationships where you get to submit up to 20 questions, get book and technology reviews for recovery, and get entered into a quarterly book giveaway!

This service is a step up from a public newsletter where there is direct coaching for questions submitted, and a step down from private coaching where the experience is truly tailored to your unique recovery needs as well as is structured step by step to ensure long-term success.

Ideal for those 0 – 6 months post D-Day

Private Coaching – Ranges in price

100% personalized and tailored coaching to meet you and/or your partner’s needs in your life, relationship, and recovery journey!

My co-coach and I designed our Knights & Warriors program to walk with you through the first year of recovery. This program lays the strongest recovery foundation in year one so that you and your partner can succeed in individual recovery while laying the foundations for marital success. If you and your partner have decided to separate and divorce, the program also is adaptable to individuals looking to become the best version of themselves as well as the best parent and co-parent.

Knights & Warriors is a framework where I’ve designed over 100 Relationship/Recovery Opportunities that lead to success. While I don’t use every single “RO” with every single client there are key areas in Knights & Warriors that clients recovering from porn addiction and betrayal trauma will go through as they are foundational to long-term success.

The private coaching I offer is mainly through email, with video/audio sessions as an add on.

Ideal for those who have been in therapy to address the roots of addiction/initial trauma from betrayal and are 3+ months out from D-Day