Sponsor & Advertising Opportunities

The Modern Mr. and Mrs. is always looking to make connections with other brands that have goals of helping families and couples. For those interested in sponsored opportunities with us, we look for honesty, integrity, and the focus on the reader’s benefit.

Ways To Advertise and Sponsor at The Mod

In- House Writing

You can have a sponsored post by having one of our writers write the post in-house. We will write the post in a format that is reader friendly, engaging, and honest. We will mention your company, or product with link backs in the post where appropriate.

Company Writing

You can write the post yourself and submit it for review for Savannah to approve. This option is best when the sponsored post is geared toward someone who needs to be familiar with the company that is being written about.

*At The Mod, we prefer In-House writing but are willing to discuss this option with the company.

Product Review

You can ship us a product for us to review – whether that’s baby products, a new family or relationship book, a take-home relationship program, etc. Once we get the product we will use it and post an honest review to our readers.


Companies and Testimonials

How to Use Telehealth to Support Relationships

Relationships can be tricky. Whether you are dealing with love relationships, friendships, family relationships, or relationships with co-workers, problems frequently arise between two or more people. How you handle those problems individually and together will...

The Best Stationary For Your Baby Shower

*this is a sponsored post When I was pregnant, I remember my mom talking about throwing me a baby shower. She and her friend threw one for me and they did an amazing job! Watching them plan one for me now makes me excited for when any of my friends have their own...

A Simple Baltic Amber Teething Necklace Became a Millennial’s Secret Weapon

This post is sponsored When I first found out that I was pregnant, my mom was not ashamed to tell me how much the parenting world had changed since she had kids. She told me about all the cool "gadgets" that were out for new moms now, things that would make life...

The Perfect Way To Get The Best Breastpump!

This post is sponsored Savannah: As a first-time mom, I was utterly lost in figuring out many things. I was so worried about finding the perfect items, and more importantly the safest. Throughout my pregnancy, I was looking for breast pumps because I wanted to...

Working with Savannah was easy. She’s very open and was quick to respond to all my emails which made communication a breeze. We finished our plans for the collaboration in less than a week, but she has continued to help me become a better wife (and, somehow, a better mom) through her blog posts. I’ve been recommending her site to my friends and readers since and will definitely continue to do so. 

Jenny Silverstone

Editor, Mom Loves Best

Savannah was wonderful to work with. She was communicative, responsive, and creative. She was a great partner for our brand to work with.

Alex Deckard

Marketing, SEO Manager, Aeroflow Healthcare, https://aeroflowinc.com

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Sponsor Packages

Article Written In-House - $300

One article written in-house by one of the MM&M writers.


Article Written By Company -$250

One article written by someone at the company reaching out to us. This option is not as often used, as The Mod prefers to keep the writing “In-House” as we know The Mod’s style and audience best.


Add ons

  • More than one article ($250 per article)
  • Rushed Deadline (+$75)
  • Post shared with all social media accounts (+$25)
  • Post shared with all social media accounts and email list (+$50)


Is Your Company The Right Fit?

  • If your company is about therapy, coaching, and healing of relationships (books, programs, self-help books, workbooks, etc.)
  • If your company deals with mental health (addiction, trauma, online therapy, etc.) 
  • If your company is related to family, parenting, and children (baby products, baby books, children’s toys, safety with technology, holidays and travel, etc.)
  • If your company is related to women and men’s interest (books, wallets, watches, jewelry, etc. – best time of the year is holidays)


Awesome! Now that you’re ready to build a relationship with The Mod, please email advertising@themodernmrandmrs.com to get in touch and begin the process of advertising and sponsoring with us. Let us know which package and add ons you are interested in and we will get started working with you immediately!

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