Is our email coaching program for those who are completely lost, confused, and unsure of what the hell is next after discovery/disclosure day.

Whether you as the betrayed partner found evidence of your partner’s usage or you as the partner struggling with addiction confessed your addiction, the aftermath is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

In Streamlined you will go from the above feelings to becoming confident, empowered, strong, connected, and capable of being in recovery by getting everything you need to start recovery off right and you’ll be able to avoid the biggest mistakes couples make along the way that can extend the heightened part of recovery to last for years instead of months.

While you’ll be getting information, recovery opportunities, insights, skills and tools, you will also be getting access to me as well! I know how challenging getting into recovery is, and trust me, I know all the nasty pitfalls that you can end up in. I would love to be able to help you get into recovery as smoothly as possible while also helping you avoid getting stuck and giving up.

Who is Savannah Esposito?

Savannah Esposito has her B.A. in Forensic Psychology from John Jay College of Criminal Justice and is a Nationally Certified Life, Relationship, and Recovery Coach.

Savannah believes in getting quality professional help from those who truly know the intricate dynamics involved with sexual addiction, intimacy anorexia and betrayal trauma. She has not only studied this, but she has lived it and made it to the other side and now teaches her clients how to reclaim their lives too!

She has a passion for helping married couples come back from the fallout of sexual addiction, intimacy anorexia, and betrayal trauma to create a new healthy connected loving recovery lifestyle.

She is a lover of education and pursuit of knowledge and is currently working her way through the AASAT certifications in sexual addiction, intimacy anorexia, as well as partners recovery while also working on her Masters program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.




Streamlined is for the individual and/or couple that truly wants to change their situation.



They have drive, motivation, and ambition and will not settle for less than they deserve.


There is a fire lit under their ass and they are ready to move, take action, make changes, and grow.

More importantly, they truly want to be healthy, create a healthy connected marriage, and save their family from the fallout of the addiction.



You will experience a transformational shift when you truly do the work in Streamlined.


In Streamlined, you will have 10 modules with materials, exercises, knowledge, and support! Let’s break it down by module…

Getting grounded is an important first step before moving forward.

In this Module, you will be learning grounding techniques, gaining foundational understanding of what you’ve experienced, and having language to understand what you’re experiencing so that you can begin to move forward with confidence!

In Module 2 you will be able to see the full picture and extent of what is going on, what each of you are experiencing, and what you’re dealing with so you know the right way to move forward. Without understanding exactly what you’re dealing with (porn addiction, sex addiction, intimacy anorexia, masturbation addiction, other addictions, etc.) you will be missing key components that allow you to truly be successful!

One of the biggest struggles in recovery is balancing all 3 (or more) recoveries. You’ve got the addicts recovery, the betrayeds recovery, and the marital recovery.

This module allows you to understand the various recoveries so that you know how to manage those recoveries successfully!

There are many road blocks to recovery. Some road blocks every person will experience, and others are going to be more individualized. In this module we explore the various roadblocks so that you can overcome them! 

No program would be complete without addressing the elephant in the room – Relapse! In this module we go into the stages of relapse, how to catch a relapse, and a plan to prevent any relapses so that you can move forward without constantly wondering when you will slip back into addiction.

While we go over how to prevent relapses in Module 5, in this module we are talking about what happens if a relapse does occur and how to handle it so that you don’t damage your marriage any deeper and use this as a way to build connection.

In this module, we go further into the dynamics of the multiple recoveries occuring and how important it is for each person to be working their recovery. A marriage cannot be saved by one. You both must be in it to win it. We explore the ways of you both working towards the same goals and being on the same team so that you guys feel united and connected again!

Disclosure. That word alone brings up assumptions, images, and strong feelings. What if I told you there is more to disclosure than you thought. Disclosure is not a one-and-done deal. It’s not a one time event. Disclosure has many ways of showing up.

You will learn the various types of disclosures so that you know when and how to use them effectively to rebuild trust and your marriage.

I am a firm believer in getting the right help. If you are finally ready to get help and go to the wrong professional, you can leave feeling defeated, traumatized, and give up. That is not okay.

That is why in this module we will go over the types of help you can get, how to know they are competent, and how to truly vet them so that when you take that leap you feel empowered in your decision and have a positive experience. 

In this module we talk about foundational pieces of recovery that allow you to be successful – not just in recovery, but in your entire life! The principles you learn here will benefit you throughout all the areas of your life so that you can be the best version of yourself! 

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