Thank you for letting me know the areas of recovery that you feel you currently need most support in! 


To extend my gratitude for being engaged and letting me know where you need most support in recovery, I’m extending a 40% off discount on the opportunity to become a coaching client and work together on Module 1 of Knights & Warriors.


*If you have already mastered/covered everything in Module 1 with other professionals, please email me at with the Email Subject Title: “Special KW Offer” and we can discuss other Knights & Warriors modules that would be a good fit!

If a Knights & Warriors module is not an option because your partner does not want to participate or for financial reasons, I’m extending an alternate offer of a 30% discount with the code TY-KW-30 on private coaching for your first 7 sessions, should we decide to work together.

Our time together would cover two months of coaching on Module 1 for Knights & Warriors. There will be 3 couples sessions each month as well as 2 individual sessions for each partner each month with in-between session support.

Standard Knights & Warriors Monthly Payment: $1,375/month ($2,750 for 2 months)

Your Special 40% Discount: $825/month ($1,650 for 2 months)

Please schedule your complimentary Meet & Greet Session by March 26th if you’re interested in either the Module 1 of Knights & Warriors offer, or 30% off your first 7 private coaching sessions so that we can assess fit and recovery goals!



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