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If you are stuck in betrayal trauma this group is for you!

Being the partner of a masturbation, pornography, or sex addict is one of the biggest challenges one can go through. As a betrayed partner, you have lost your sense of self, your self-esteem, your sense of reality, self-worth, and your ability to trust – not only your partner, but the world and yourself.

I’ve been there. I was once a betrayed partner, lost in grief and shock. I originally thought I was alone and that no one else was going through this. It wasn’t until I met other partners going through this that I started to begin my own healing journey.

At The Mod we created this free Facebook Group for you guys who are new to this and need a safe place to vent, share, and get support and basic education on your partner’s addiction and your betrayal trauma.

Here is what you can expect from our Free Facebook Group:

 Monday Check-Ins

 Tuesday Goals

 Question Wednesdays

 Thursday Struggles

 Friday Wins

 Support from 3 coaches and over 80 other betrayed partners

 Facebook Lives

 Insane resources to jump start your recovery

 EXCLUSIVE discounts for being in the group and participating if you want to be in our other services

Before finding The Mod and joining The Betrayed’s Haven group I was feeling alone. This group has been incredibly helpful and feels great to have resources from unbiased people.

The most valuable part of the group is the different opinions, supportive people to talk to, and the effective strategies we learn. It’s great having the option to talk about any issue without my friends getting upset and judging me. Also, it’s great having the option to talk about anything on my mind – sex/porn/triggers/trauma & finding others with similar things on their minds. This outlet has helped me feel more confident in my daily life at work & school. The coaches are always responsive to questions and trauma triggers.

If you’re thinking about joining, this group is by far more helpful than any other one I found because everyone is respectful & respected.


Betrayed Partner

Before joining The Betrayed’s Haven FB Group, it was just after D-Day and the ensuing discussion with hubby, so completely devastated in every aspect of my life. I thought everything I had lived was an utter lie and wasn’t sure I could even stay married. At the moment, we are actively working recovery. We have a new vision in mind for our marriage, relationship, and lives. This group has gotten me going in the right direction. I couldn’t imagine living with the pain I had, indefinitely.

The most valuable part of The Betrayed’s Haven is the coaches. The areas of expertise/specialty and the way they each go about responding to members is so valuable. I feel like my husband and I are finally able to start digging into the true problem we’ve been experiencing all our relationship. I also feel like maybe I could move in the direction of truly loving myself instead of putting on a face. I feel like this has been an opportunity to discover the true beauty in life, still more work to do, but we have so much gratitude for everything.

If you’re thinking about joining the free Facebook group, if you’re committed to healing, why not try the group. These coaches have helped point us in the right direction and we are seeing real change. I appreciate everything Savannah, Tim, and Chloe do for every member in The Betrayed’s Haven. I’m starting to see a lot of pain in this world and more people like you guys helping others through their pain is essential for the world to heal.


Betrayed Partner

Before joining The Betrayed’s Haven on Facebook I was feeling lost and alone. At this point I am much better informed and supported. This group has given me the information I need to help me move forward in a healthy and positive manner.

The coach’s answers and commentary when something is posted is the most valuable part! This group has given me the tools to stand up for me. It’s helped me be patient when his recovery seems to go backward. Explained the mechanics of addiction and recovery so I don’t spend time questioning his behaviors, and even my own. It’s amazing to have three people with separate areas of expertise and methods of interacting with us.

If you’re thinking of joining this group, try it, you’ll like it! I was lucky enough to come across this group in the middle of shock and pain from betrayal. The support and information here has helped me so much.

Hope Porter

Betrayed Partner

Before joining The Betrayed’s Haven I felt lost and alone. Since finding this group I am more informed and stronger. The biggest impact has been being able to talk to other betrayed spouses that can relate and has helped tremendously. I love all the articles and tools the coaches provide. I appreciate that they call everything what it is and allow the freedom to speak freely and openly. In my SANON group we have to use different lingo for certain things to not trigger people (which I get) like, “acting out” instead of masturbating. I love that there’s no judgement on here and if people feel like using curse words to explain how they feel, the coaches allow it.

I feel stronger about being able to call out and recognize when my husband is gaslighting me, I’ve gained more self-confidence, and I don’t feel alone anymore. I love that Tim can offer a male perspective/point of view and give the betrayed insight into what an SSA is thinking. I love that Savannah and Chloe come at this from experienced betrayed partners and can offer wisdom on how to navigate this disease. I especially appreciate that you all don’t sugar coat anything.

If you’re thinking of joining, this group gives you an outlet when you might not have anyone else to talk to. Being able to reach out at 10 or 11 at night and talking to someone is a great release. Even if no one responds, it’s almost like journaling. I just have to say thank you to the coaches for starting this group! Having an outlet to speak freely and openly has helped me tremendously, especially when I can’t call a friend or reach out to my therapist for guidance!


Betrayed Partner

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