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This newsletter consists of 4 elements: Lessons, Relationship Opportunities, Q & A + Wins.

Why these four elements?

Because these four elements are the keys to your relationship success! How can you achieve your goals when you are working on limited information? You can’t! Especially when no one’s taught you relationship foundations. With each lesson you’ll be one step closer to mastering your understanding of relationships.

Once you do the exercise, you’ll see whether that was effective for your relationship.

If you get stuck, that is where the Q & A comes in! With each lesson, at the bottom will be a link where you can submit an anonymous question for me to answer in the Q & A email. You can also share any Wins you had as well! Through this element of the newsletter, you and the others learn from each other!

And when you (and others) share their wins, it’s inspiring as well as motivating to others who may need it most.

So, what the heck is “The Modern Marriage Movement” you may ask?

It’s a movement to address the ever changing landscape of relationships. Want a successful relationship in the modern era? Awesome, then subscribe, and begin to change your relationship with each lesson!

Let’s face it, couples pre-internet era did not have the challenges that face couples today. Today, there’s insane pressure for your partner to fulfill all your needs. Let’s be clear, that’s unhealthy. There’s also infinite temptation at your fingertips to cheat. Plus, with all the technology, the definition of cheating has evolved.

The word “Marriage” at first, signified a husband owning their wife. Now, it means a union of equal partners – at least in theory.

When I say, “marriage” I do not mean a legal contract.

The word “marriage” in this movement signifies commitment in a romantic relationship. Commitment can be through verbal, ceremonial, or legal avenues.

This movement is about:

1. Self-awareness

2. Challenging the status quo and cultivating a growth mindset

3. Raising your personal & relational standards

4. Implementing action that enables you to reach your personal and relational goals

Now, this newsletter is not “just another newsletter.”

It’s not a sit back, read, and forget type of newsletter.

This is an interactive newsletter. I expect your engagement throughout the newsletter. You can engage by replying with what you learned from that lesson, or submit your questions. Also, sharing your wins will be huge!

You’ll gain my knowledge, skills, and experience through this newsletter. You’ll also gain from the other people who’ve subscribed and are participating.

The more you engage, the more you (and your relationship) get out of the letters.

This is a coaching newsletter.

I’ll coach you to have the relationship you’ve always desired. One that’s filled with trust, healthy communication, and passionate intimacy.

The investment for this newsletter is $5/month.

Now, $5/month is not much at all to invest in yourself and your relationship.

When you break it down you’re investing sixteen cents per day over the course of a year.

There’s no excuse to not invest. With each lesson you gain self-awareness, and you will be able to shift the unhealthy patterns in your relationship!

Some topics that will be addressed and explored throughout the newsletter…


Impact of jobs & careers on relationships

Family + In-Law relationships

Finanaces + Budgeting + Future

Education and/or going back to school

Dating, pre-marital, and married life

Health + Fitness + Nutrition

Parenting/Adding to the family

How friends can impact your relationship

House Responsibilities

Making your house a home

How to have a passionate sex life

How you and your partner will meet each other for the first time every couple of years


Enhancing communication & diminishing arguments

Unlocking the 7 levels of emotional intimacy


Achieving the 11 types of intimacy

What do clients have to say about Savannah?

“Caring and thoughtful”

“Savannah is creative, reflective, and very descriptive in her coaching. She uses fantastic metaphorical explanations and analogies to communicate her message and her answer.”

“Her ability to relate and give hope is amazing. Also her wealth of knowledge.”

“She’s very gentle and understanding and knows when you need it. She has so much info and guidance for relationships and trauma!!”

“She is such a sweet person and easy to talk to.She always has good advice about keeping relationships going.”

“Savannah and Chloe are the perfect pair because they balance each other out. Savannah is still very straight forward, but in a more delicate way. She is super knowledgeable and gives amazing guidance. I love that she opens up and shares her own personal experiences to give us great examples to help us understand something better.”

“Savannah is super down to earth and easy to talk to. Her style is calm and approachable, and I love that she shares her personal experiences–this makes her easy to connect to!”

“Savannah has a softer and more dense strength to her. She is warm and comforting. I feel like Savannah would provide a great shoulder to cry on and give you the space you need at the same time. I feel like Savannah handles all my silly and quirky questions the best. She has had to walk me through some of the most unexpected things. You wouldn’t expect someone to walk you through troubleshooting on your phone, or issues with payment, or difficulties with slack platform but she does it willingly. That’s not all she does, but it’s an example of how she shows she cares even in the little things. I also think Savannah reads me and my betrayal trauma really well and she gives me little nudges to help me along the way.”

“She is sweet, understanding and supportive.”

“Savannah is sensitive in her approach but she still speaks the truth no matter how hard it is to hear. She’s also very encouraging & validates our feelings!”

“Savannah is pretty laid back and has clearly put into practice a lot of what she talks about. I appreciate the stories and the examples she gives and how she finds a way to relate to people.”

“She is very gentle and soft spoken so when things are rough or emotional it is easy to communicate with her.”

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