Dear Recovery Friend,

Sexual Addiction, Intimacy Anorexia, Married & Alone, and Betrayal Trauma don’t have to destroy you and your marriage.

Recovery is 100% achieveable, with the right help and support!

If you feel isolated, alone, misunderstood and even hopeless at times, then you’re in the right place.



Maybe in the past…

  • You’ve tried talking with your friends only for them to invalidate you, saying, “What’s the problem, it’s just porn!” 

  • You’ve tried therapy only to hear, “porn addiction isn’t real. Let’s talk about your insecurities.”

  • You’ve tried joining random facebook groups for support only to find that the environment is just as toxic as your relationship

  • You feel crazy every day thinking something is wrong with you

  • You feel you’re not enough, no matter how many things you do to become the “perfect” partner



You don’t have to go through that anymore because you found your recovery haven!

You are not alone in this. There are so many sexual addicts, intimacy anorexics, and betrayed partners out there going through the exact same thing as you.

Often, couples end up making key mistakes in attempts to fix the sexual addiction, intimacy anorexia, and betrayal trauma.

Couples often first go to a therapist – only for the therapist to call the betrayed partner co-dependent and enable the addict to keep using because “porn addiction doesn’t exist,” or using the wrong methods for someone going through intimacy anorexia.

When reaching out for therapy ends up being a fail (time and time again) you’re left feeling lost and even more hopeless and invalidated than before you began searching for help.




That is all horrific to experience.

At The Mod, we follow the Betrayal Trauma Model and you are 100% validated in your feelings and your reality. We know your experience is real because we’ve lived it too.

Who Is The Recovery Haven For?

The Recovery Haven is for sexual addicts, betrayed partners, and intimacy anorexics that are ready to be supported, transform, take action, connect, and continue their healing journey – taking it to the next level.



Need a safe supportive community? You’re exactly where you need to be!

You might be experiencing hopelessness, anger, frustration, shock, bitterness, and just want to start trusting again! If so, then This is for YOU!


In TRH you’ll be…

Ready to get asked the tough questions and get support in The Recovery Haven Community

Reflectingsharing, and getting support from a group of like-minded individuals

Gaining life-long friendships

Active in taking the action you need to get the results you have been dying for!


The transformation you achieve in The Recovery Haven…

The truth is: Recovery is a daily choice that you make to stay healthy.


No matter how many articles or books you read about recovery, the truth is you need more. You aren’t going to be able to fully work your individual recovery without these key components:



Professionals to guide you



Why are those 3 things key?



Because without the right community and qualified professionals, sexual addiction, betrayal trauma, and intimacy anorexia get worse.


Being with other individuals who are going through this exact situation helps validate your experiences, enable you to begin to trust other people, and to start forming life-long safe friendships.


Without accountability, sexual addiction, intimacy anorexia, and betrayal trauma are almost impossible to recover from. Accountability is key in recovery because it makes you hold yourself to a higher standard when you know you have to check-in with others. You are responsible for your daily choices and actions.

Without professionals who’ve been there, you’re bound to fall into the biggest pitfalls of recovery. At The Mod, Jak & I as well as Chloe & Cliff have fallen into some of the biggest pitfalls that can stall recovery for years, and we teach our clients to AVOID those pitfalls and streamline recovery.


In The Recovery Haven,you will go from feeling…

 – Uncertain in the recovery process

– Alone in the recovery process

– Like you keep making mistake after mistake and can’t figure it out



To becoming…

 – Self-aware so that you’re able to know when things feel off and how to get back on track

 – Confident in the recovery process so that you avoid the biggest pitfalls

 – Empowered as an individual so that you don’t settle for less than you deserve

 – Connected to other like-minded individuals in recovery so that you have a built in support system to keep you going when roadbumps come up


You and other individuals will get access to The Recovery Haven Community, where you will have access to programs, exclusive discounts, coaches, peer mentors, and to each other!

Most importantly a membership enables you to fight against complacency, the #1 reason those who are successful for a short time relapse or back track.


"They have intimate knowledge of each of their clients and the direction of healing that best suits them. This program blueprint allows us to have the best of both worlds for both knowledge and practical works. The system is built to help you earn your freedom after betrayal trauma. They don’t want mindless dependents following them forever but instead to actually help and release us back into life with confidence, knowledge, skill and compassion." - Charlene

"I love that Chloe is direct, doesn’t beat around the bush, is very descriptive" - Dale Ford

"This isn’t just a job for these coaches as is the case with many. They are all in. It’s their life. They are more knowledgeable than anyone I’ve ever met. Hands down. I’ve yet to see them stumped by any question or situation, and we threw a LOT at them." - Penelope

"Savannah is extremely compassionate and knowledgeable and validating." - Jenny Gage

"Chloe is direct and matter of fact and she let’s emotion shine through in a positive way. Savannah’s ability to relate and give hope, her wealth of knowledge is all amazing!" - Leean Holcomb

The Recovery Haven Consists of Two Tiers of Memberships for Individuals:

**10% of membership investments each month goes into a scholarship fund so that individuals who cannot access recovery because of financial abuse and/or lack of financial means can access recovery!** 


Recovery: Engaged 

 $375/Month or $3375/Year

*Limited to 6 Individuals


Everything from Recovery: On Your Time Membership

1 Private 45 Minute Individual Session/Month 

Access to two 30 minute private chat coaching sessions with Savannah when you need extra support in your recovery in Quenza client platform 

Participate LIVE in new recorded trainings/classes/lessons to get questions answered on specific topics in recovery in Tune Into Recovery time 

Wholesale price for all our workbooks that are currently published and workbooks that come out in the future

Over 4 Hours of Knights & Warriors Relationship Reconstruction BONUS Calls 

* Choose 1 Recovery Module from our Knights & Warriors Program to get when you and your partner sign up!

If you apply for Knights & Warriors you move to the top of the applicant list

If you join Knights & Warriors, you get Recovery: Engaged included in Knights & Warriors for free for two years


Recovery: On Your Time

 $33/Month or $297/Year


Personalized onboarding experience so that you get the best experience in our membership

✔ Access to our private safe community, The Recovery Haven Community (and the coaches)

✔ Access to submit as many questions as you want anonymously for Savannah to answer in a weekly Q&A article

✔ Access to exclusive content (including our How To Tackle Triggers in Recovery Training)!

✔ Get a daily staple recovery opportunity to gage progress and backslides

✔ Access to new recorded trainings/classes/lessons that come out on specific topics in recovery in Tune Into Recovery time

✔ Submit requests for new trainings/classes/lessons you want us to teach!

✔ Your choice of 1 of our workbooks gifted to you per year!

Tune Into Recovery originally was going to be a podcast (because we have had requests for a podcast!), however I figured Tune Into Recovery would be better fit within The Recovery Haven where I, Chloe, and/or Jak will be on live calls talking, discussing, and teaching about a variety of recovery topics! 

Some of the topics will be things our team brings to the table, and others will be topics you personally request!

Some calls may be audio recovery discussion calls and others may be more structured trainings based on what is going on in the world at the time and what is requested! For those in Recovery: Engaged, you can be there live, submit questions in the chat or jump into the conversation live!


Q: What inspired you to create this membership and what value will I get from it?

A: You did! You and many others I have talked to over the past year inspired this. Many times I polled people, there was a desire, a want, for services that were NOT live.

While I love the live coaching and think you get the best benefits from live, not everyone resonates or can be in the live part of the coaching (time zones, schedules, etc.).

This service has a non-live membership and a live membership … so that way everyone has an option that fits their recovery needs!

A huge part of The Recovery Haven is that it is NOT on social media (a huge pitfall of recovery).

When you are in a membership you are a part of something bigger than yourself, you are actually connected to others, helping yourself, gaining knowledge and strategy and truly moving forward in recovery.

Another huge bonus to The Recovery Haven is the client portal in Quenza where I will be able to send out all the exercises to you and each time you complete an exercise (recovery opportunity – RO) I will know and will be able to help you if you’re stuck and come up with even more personalized exercises to hand out to move you towards your long-term recovery goals!

Basically in short, I wanted to offer a membership for you so that you can gain connection, growth, support, and accountability in your recovery and streamline the process on your time!

Q: Is there a way to trial the membership?

A: No.

Q: In The Recovery Haven, what does the community look like inside?

A: Inside the community there is the main section where everyone has access to. Then there are private groups for recovering betrayed partners, sexual addicts, and intimacy anorexics so that there is a private space and community within the community to participate in for more sensitive topics and issues.

In the public community you will have access to exclusive content as well as new content that comes out.

Q: How much access do we have to the coaches in The Recovery Haven Membership?

A: That all depends on your level of membership. For those in Recovery: On Your Time, you will see the coaches in the community participating and answering questions that we get tagged in.

If you’re in Recovery: Engaged you will get the individual coaching session as well as private chat coaching.

Q: Can I add on private video coaching to lower tier memberships?


A: No, as we do not have the capacity to add this at this time. However, if you want messenger coaching sessions those are available here!

Q: Can I switch membership levels?


A: Yes, of course you can!

Q: How do we get access to you, the community, and trainings?


A: When you click on the Join button it will redirect you to The Recovery Haven community where you will make your community account.

In the community you will find groups for recovering sexual addicts, intimacy anorexics, and betrayed partners so that if you’re in early recovery you have privacy to process while also having access to the public community.

You will also be sent a link to sign up for a client account in Quenza (which is GDPR and HIPPA compliant) and you will get standard daily recovery opportunities.

When you get into your account I will be able to see your progress in the recovery opportunity you do and will be available to answer questions on recovery opportunities in the chat and coach you through the chat if you’re in the Recovery: Engaged membership.

Q: I have more questions and/or want to suggest something you add to The Recovery Haven, how can I get in touch?

A: Email me at I’d be more than happy to answer your questions and know what you want to see added! 

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