A unique recovery opportunity to get both invididual and group coaching in one!

Dear Betrayed Partner,

In the midst of discovering your partner’s addiction, it’s easy to forget that you have your own recovery – no matter whether you stay or leave.

During COVID, addicts have been relapsing right and left with all the stress and isolation, and you deserve to begin healing, like yesterday!

Do you feel isolated, alone, misunderstood and constantly anxious, wondering if your partner is truly in recovery and whether or not you’ll ever recover yourself?


  • You’ve tried talking with your friends only for them to invalidate you, saying, “What’s the problem, it’s just porn!” 

  • You’ve found evidence and know what they are up to but your partner is in denial

  • You’ve tried therapy only to hear, “porn addiction isn’t real. Let’s talk about your insecurities.”

  • You’ve tried joining random facebook groups for support only to find that the environment is just as toxic as your relationship

  • You’ve explained porn is cheating to you, and your partner says it’s not cheating

  • You feel crazy every day thinking something is wrong with you

  • You feel you’re not enough, no matter how many things you do to become the “perfect” partner


If so, you’re in the right place, and we are so grateful you’re here!

You are not alone in this. There are so many betrayed partners out there going through the exact same thing.

Often, betrayed partners end up making key mistakes in attempts to solve the problem of having a porn or sexually addicted spouse.

They often first go to a therapist – only for the therapist to call them co-dependent and enable the addict to keep using because “porn addiction doesn’t exist.”

When reaching out for therapy ends up being a fail (time and time again) you’re left feeling lost and even more hopeless and invalidated than before you began searching for help.

That is all horrific to experience on top of the trauma your porn and sexually addicted spouse has already inflicted.

At The Mod, we follow the Betrayal Trauma Model and you are 100% validated in your feelings and your reality.

Who Is The Recovery Haven For?

The The Recovery Haven is for betrayed partners of masturbation, pornography, and/or sex addicts that are ready to be safe, validated, supported, transform, take action, and begin their healing journey.

Need a safe supportive community? You’re exactly where you need to be!

You might be experiencing hopelessness, anger, frustration, shock, bitterness, and just want to start trusting again! If so, then This is for YOU!


In TRH you’ll be…

Ready to get asked the tough questions and get support in personal email coaching

Reflecting, sharing, and supporting a group of like-minded women

Gaining life-long friendships

Getting group coaching support through weekly Q&A sessions

Proactive in taking the action you need to get the results you have been dying for!

In TRH there will be a mix of content – live videos, pre-recorded videos, email communication, bi-weekly recovery lessons, and many recovery opportunities!


The transformation you achieve in The Recovery Haven…

The truth is: Recovery is a Daily Choice. It’s a choice that you make to stay healthy.


No matter how many articles or books you read about recovery, the truth is you need more. You aren’t going to be able to fully work your individual recovery without these key components:

  • Accountability

  • Community

  • Professionals to guide you

Why are those 3 things key?

Because without the right community, betrayal trauma gets worse.

Being with other women who are going through this very thing helps validate your experiences, enable you to begin to trust other people, and to start forming life-long safe friendships.


Without accountability, betrayal trauma can be almost impossible to recover from. Accountability is key in recovery because it makes you hold yourself to a higher standard when you know you have to check-in with others. You are responsible for your daily choices and actions.


Without professionals who’ve been there, you’re bound to fall into the biggest pitfalls of recovery. At The Mod, Chloe and Savannah (& our husbands) have fallen into some of the biggest pitfalls that can stall recovery for years, and we teach our clients to AVOID those pitfalls and streamline recovery.


In The Recovery Haven, Savannah will be teaching, supporting, coaching, & guiding you from feeling…

– Lost

– Confused

– Hopeless

– Stuck

– Paralyzed with fear & uncertainty

– Denial

To becoming…

– Aware

– Confident

– Empowered

– Kick-Ass

– Excited

– Hopeful

– Clear in moving forward

You and other betrayed partners will be in The Recovery Haven Facebook group where you will have access to all that quarter’s content, the coaches, and to each other!

The Recovery Haven 2021 Schedule*

Quarter 1

January – Starting The New Year Off Right In Recovery (Recovery 101)

January Coaching Call with Savannah on Sunday January 3rd at 2pm Eastern

Weekly Q&A/Support Sessions with Savannah are every Saturday at 4pm Eastern

Live Q&A Session with Jak for Husbands TBA

BONUS How To Vet Your Help Training

February -The Foundations of Marital Recovery Success

February Coaching Call with Savannah on Sunday January 31st at 2pm Eastern

Weekly Q&A/Support Sessions with Savannah are every Saturday at 4pm Eastern

Live Q&A Session with Jak for Husbands TBA

March – Sex in The Varying Stages of Recovery

March Coaching Call with Savannah & Chloe on Saturday February 27th at 12pm Eastern

Weekly Q&A/Support Sessions with Savannah are every Saturday at 4pm Eastern

Live Q&A Session with Jak for Husbands TBA

Quarter 2

April – Navigating The Summer Months in Recovery

May – Boundaries in Recovery (with your partner, family, friends, and kids)

June – Coping Skills & Self-Esteem in Recovery

Quarter 3

July – How To Have An Effective Separation

August – Relapse Prevention Planning & Post-Relapse Care Planning

September – Romance in The Varying Stages of Recovery

Quarter 4

October – Navigating The Holidays In Recovery

November – How To Know When It’s Time To Separate vs. Divorce

December – Reclaiming Life After Addiction & Trauma

*The schedule and topics may be subject to change depending on what the group asks for. This is a service that has a collaborative approach to recovery where the group can request for topics to be added to the curriculum! 

When joining The Recovery Haven, you sign up by the quarter (although we are sure you will love it so much and want to stay for more)!

In TRH you will have:

– Personal email coaching with Savannah Esposito so that you can get individualized support in building your personal recovery plan

– Weekly Group Q&A/Support Sessions with Savannah Esposito so that you will have weekly support to overcome any challenges that arise

– Bi-Weekly Recovery Letters & Recovery Opportunities so that you will be learning and implementing new skills
– Ask Jak (Savannah’s Husband) and Ask Chloe segments each month so that you can gain perspective and knowledge from those on the other side of recovery

– Live Session once per month with Jak to bring your husbands on the call so they can get their questions answered as well!

Your Coaches, Savannah Esposito & Chloe Sutherland

Your Kick-Ass Relationship & Recovery Coach here!

I run an intentional, intensive, high-end coaching practice with my co-coach Chloe that get clients results. 

My marriage with Jak wasn’t always as amazing as it is today. In fact, when I discovered my husband’s porn addiction, we weren’t married, and things were already stressful. I chose to marry Jak knowing about his addiction, and I don’t regret it one bit!

Honestly: I wasn’t always great at recovery. I sucked at making boundaries, figuring out what consequences I would actually follow through with, and realizing that my husband’s recovery was HIS to own. Not mine.

But in our journey to The Recovery Lifestyle, we fell into the biggest pitfalls and we learned the key things you need to not only be successful as individuals but successful in relationship reconstruction.

While Jak and I were going through our journey I met Chloe, and we become fast friends in recovery. We each made mistakes, had successes, and we decided betrayed partners deserved more.

We didn’t have help in our recovery. We had to figure things out on our own. Betrayal Trauma wasn’t that popular back when we were in the trenches. 

Chloe and I succeeded because we committed and figured out through tons of trial and error, hours of frustration, and endless conversations what works and what doesn’t. Now we teach YOU how to be successful like us!

Our holistic approach works.


It’s a step-by-step proven system to get you from trauma to freedom. We walk you through each step intentionally, so you don’t miss any of the keys to success!


Ready to enter The Recovery Haven?

Only 20 Spots Available

Doors Close March 31st

Want 1:1 video coaching and support? Get two individual sessions per month with  Savannah or Chloe to take your results to the next level!

Only 10 Spots Available Per Month With Savannah

Only 3 Spots Available Per Month With Chloe

Being in TRH gives you 40% off! If you’re interested in the option to add video private coaching, it will be an additional $300/month.

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