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The Modern Mr. and Mrs. always is always open to guest posters on the following topics:

  • Family
  • Parenting
  • Marriage/Relationships/Dating/Sex
  • Kids
  • Pets

If you’re interested, email your submission to Guestpost@millennialmrsandmom.com with the subject “Guest Post The Mod” and explain your pitch. 

In your submission you should include the following:

  • Your name, company/blog/site, background and experience.
  • Your pitch
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    • Possible Headlines
    • Possible outline/main points

If you do not state your blog or company there will be no response to your submission. 




Since this blog focuses on a psychological twist, whatever topic you chose to write about, write from personal or professional experience. Life lessons you learned? Hardships? Challenges? Successes? Include them!



  • Like us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter before emailing!
  • 1,000-5,000 words
  • 100% original and not published anywhere else online
  • Articles should be geared toward offering readers knowledge and ways to navigate different situations
  • Proofread before submitting (Grammarly is a great tool for writers!)
  • Use personal experience if it helps teach readers
  • Be real, honest, and upfront
  • Do not swear in your articles
  • Keep the articles family friendly if writing about parenting or kids
  • Articles relating to sex, dating, or marriage, keep it PG-13 if you have to describe certain situations.
  • If you chose to link back to one of your blog posts with an affiliate link or a company product that constitutes as advertising.

How to Use Telehealth to Support Relationships

Relationships can be tricky. Whether you are dealing with love relationships, friendships, family relationships, or relationships with co-workers, problems frequently arise between two or more people. How you handle those problems individually and together will...

7 Tips to Overcome Kid’s Dental Fear (Guest Post Days

Life with kids can be fun but it comes with a lot of challenges. As a parent, you’re required to introduce your children to new experiences. Some of them can be really uncomfortable like the trip to the dentist. If you have kids, you probably know that it’s important...

A New Year’s Resolution To Keep: 5 Ways To Teach Kids About Social Justice in 2019 (Guest Post Days)

As parents, we like to shield our kids from pain and keep the magic alive as long as we can. Children have a strong sense of fairness and injustice—rather than shielding them from reality, we should teach them to look at the world around them through the lens of...

5 Ways Disabled Parents Can Prepare for a Baby (Guest Post Days)

Any parent will tell you that having a baby is a life-changing experience. Suddenly, the everyday routine you were so comfortable with is completely thrown out the window, and your entire life revolves around your little one. Although much of parenthood is a...

5 Common Causes of New Mom Guilt and How to Overcome It (Guest Post Days)

As a new mom, you are faced with countless emotions. But unfortunately, between all of the excitement and happiness, most new moms also run into tons of new mom guilt. Today I’m going to share 5 of the most common causes of guilt for new moms and tell you why these...

14 Reasons Working Mothers Are Happier and Healthier (Guest Post Days)

It’s often been debated whether the lady of the house being a working mother is good or bad for the family. Is she overworked; is it too hard for her to find a work-life balance; is she prone to get depressed more? The answer to all of these questions might be yes,...

Modern Marriage Struggles (Guest Post Days)

Modern marriages have modern struggles. Whilst some may look back at more traditional marriages and think they had it easier, this is not necessarily true. We have new challenges but with these in mind, can we help avoid them affecting our marriages? Expectations...

8 Inventive Ways to Make Your Favourite Meals Healthy (Guest Post Days)

Does your family love a sneaky trip to the pizzeria or the local Chinese restaurant? Well, what if you could still enjoy them? You just have to be a little inventive and make some small changes! Have you ever tried frozen banana in the blender? Well, it is a game...

5 Useful Tips for the Money Saving Mom (the Best Ways to Save) [Guest Post Days]

It’s exciting being a mom, isn’t it? But the experience is also challenging when it comes to handling the expenses. A new person in the family brings tons of joy. And more often than not, this joy tends to outweigh the other practical stress. But these top 5 useful...

2 Powerful Mindset Shifts To Overcome Obstacles & Confidently Crush Your Goals (Guest Post Days)

My friend Brenda, constantly complains about her neighbor Diane. Diane seems to have it all together. According to Brenda, Diane is young, attractive and has three kids. Despite having three children, Diane still looks like she has the same body she did as a teenager....
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