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At The Modern Mr. and Mrs. our mission is to help married couples gain the techniques, tools, and skills they need so they can have healthy communication, a strong foundation of trust, a mutually fulfilling sex life, and a life free from addiction and trauma. 


We walk you all the way from the early of recovery  to the higher levels to help you create your Personal Recovery Lifestyle.


We meet you where you are at and help you get to where you want to be through our tiered services.


In the early stages we have entry level services for those new to betrayal trauma and SSA™. Once you have the basic education, We designed our signature private 6 month program for married couples to work individual recovery in tandem before entering marital reconstruction.


Once you’ve gotten your individual recovery under your belt, we have  a private 6 month program for married couples that continue to build the individual recovery while doing a deep dive into the relationship reconstruction and recovery lifestyle.


Please explore your recovery options to see which one is the best fit for you for the stage of recovery you’re in!


Note the time frames are estimates of where the 100% committed couple would be if they had their discovery/disclosure day and got into recovery that month.


Pre-Marital Coaching for couples who are not suffering from sexual addiction & betrayal trauma

For Engaged Couples Who Want To:

Avoid the biggest mistakes

Address the key concerns

Create lasting love 

Relationship Evolution is a premium 12-week program specifically designed for engaged couples that desire consistent connection, lasting love, and passionate sex to bulletproof their marriage against divorce!

In Relationship Evolution we address the key aspects that can make or break a marriage:

  • Trust & Emotional Safety

  • Healthy Informed Communication

  • Intimacy versus Sex

  • Partnership and Roles

  • Your Spectrum of Monogamy 

For those in the very beginning stage of recovery

(i.e 0-3 Months Post Discovery/Disclosure Day)

Please find a qualified therapist.

Our top reccomendation to start your recovery journey right is to find an AASAT certified therapist

If it’s possible for you to travel, Doug Weiss at Heart To Heart counseling offers intensives where you can get Theraputic Disclosures done.

If you cannot find an AASAT Certified Therapist then our second recommendation would be to find a CSAT or CMAT (if you have multiple addictions).

Couples therapy is HARMFUL in the beginning.

PLEASE do individual therapy first.

If you’re struggling to begin recovery If you’re a betrayed partner we have our First Step Program that enables you to avoid key pitfalls when getting into recovery!

Program for betrayed partners!

First Step Into Recovery Program is for betrayed partners who want to get recovery right the first time around, save money, time, and heartache.

In this program, you will avoid the biggest pitfalls in recovery and leave empowered, confident with a clear direction forward! 

For those in the early Stage of Recovery

(i.e 3-6 Months Post Discovery/Disclosure Day)

You’ve maybe been in some therapy/are in therapy or other did some other type of coaching and are ready to start taking action, implementing, and changing your life

Free private Facebook Support Group For Betrayed Partners!

We at The Mod know how challenging it can be to start this journey of recovery. Feeling alone, lost, and absolutely confused, we know it’s hard to figure out the first step to get yourself back on your feet.

In this group there are tons of resources, you can join and meet other partner’s, and you can each learn from each other and help support one another in the beginning of your recovery journey. 

This is a private group, that follows the betrayal trauma model for partners of masturbation/porn/sex addicts.

This group is for those who are ACTIVE in recovery.

That means you actively want to be out of the situation you are currently in and looking to move forward and heal and recover and level up.

You can vent, share stories, make friends, and take steps forward here!

If you’re struggling with infidelity as well, you’re more than welcome to join.

Note: You MUST answer the 3 questions to be accepted into this group.


Me and Chloe are in there contributing, replying to comments and posts. Monday-Friday there are organized posts ranging from check-ins to struggles to weekly wins!


Private Monthly Support Group for addicts!

We at The Mod take your recovery extremely seriously. We approach things differently than other companies and make sure your recovery is priority number 1.

We are well aware of how damaging social media is to a masturbation, porn, and/or sex addict. We know that most social media has anything ranging from triggers, to porn substitutes, to actual pornography. Most other groups out there are held on platforms that are problematic for addicts.

This is why we hold our group on Slack. Slack is a business platform, and thus is a safe place for anyone struggling from sexual stimulation addiction (umbrella term for anyone addicted to masturbation, porn, or sex) as it’s porn free.

  • We also give the SSR Client a resource list (similar to the resources in The Betrayed) so that they can do a deep dive on their own time to continue to work recovery.
  • We give the SSR Client exclusive daily check-in accountability sheets that I use with my clients so that they can monitor their own progress.
  • We also will run live group calls once a month so that SSR Clients can get extra support around areas they are stuck in.

This group is for any addict who needs to get their foot in the door into recovery. They are lost, have no where to turn, but are ready to start learning and changing their life.

They don’t want to lose their job, marriage, or family, and are ready to start taking responsibility for their choices and life.


This group has a limit of 13 individuals. Limited spots left!


For those who are ready to commit to individual recovery

(i.e.6-12 months post discovery/disclosure day)

You’ve already done therapy for 3-6 months, you’ve maybe done other types of coaching, but nothing is working the way you want it to. other professionals don’t understand the dynamics of what is really going on and you’re stuck.

Knights & Warriors


Our signature 6 month program for married couples to work their individual recovery in tandem while weaving in the foundations to save their marriage! This is for the married couple that are ready to move heaven and earth to save themselves, their marriage, and their family!




As a private client, we get to truly individualize the experience and journey of recovery. Each session is working towards the goals you want to achieve. This type of coaching is best for those who want support over the long-term. 

Private clients often book an average of 4 sessions per month and will be a client anywhere from 3-9 months, unless they also do our group programs on top of private coaching or their goals are very specific and they’ve already been putting in the effort prior to becoming a private client.

We offer Individual Private Coaching and Couples Private Coaching. We at The Mod believe it’s important to do individual work before couples work. How can you each build and strengthen a marriage when you each are stuck in your own experiences? 

For those who do want Individual Coaching and have been working Individual coaching, starting to have couples sessions down the line is a great option and what many people do once they’ve worked through their own personal blocks to connection.

We at The Mod do offer a sliding scale for those who are low-income and need the financial assistance. There are a limited number of spots and clients we can take, so please don’t hesitate to apply as soon as possible if you need the sliding scale.

For those who already have worked individual recovery and are ready to work on their marital reconstruction & their recovery lifestyle

(for married couples that have already had a formal theraputic disclosure)

Recovery Revolution: Reclaim Love & Life Program

This 6-month program is for Warrior and Knight graduates and is the final step for couples that are struggling from SSA and betrayal trauma. This program gives the couple The Recovery Lifestyle. This private couples program is an in-depth recovery program that focuses on reconstructing a new and healthy marriage now that both have solidified individual recovery. 

This program is for the couples who have already invested in their recoveries, done the ground work, and are ready to level up in love and life!

Open for Applications (only 2 spots are open)

Please email savannah@themodernmrandmrs.com for more information

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