Our Free First Steps Into Recovery Program is available when you sign up for Savvy Answers and is for betrayed partners of Sexual Stimulation Addicts (SSA’s which includes masturbation, pornography, and sex addicts) that are ready to take action, participate, learn, be engaged, transform, and begin their healing journey.

The transformation you achieve in First Steps…

The truth is: Recovery is a Daily Choice. It’s a choice that you make to stay healthy.

No matter how many articles or books you read about recovery, the truth is you need more. You aren’t going to be able to fully work your individual recovery without these key components:

–> Accountability

–> Community

–> Professionals to guide you

Why are those 3 things key?

Because without the right community, betrayal trauma gets worse.

Being with other women who are going through this very thing helps validate your experiences, enable you to begin to trust other people, and to start forming life-long safe friendships.

Whether you’re on your First OR tenth step, this is for you!

You might be experiencing hopelessness, anger, frustration, shock, bitterness, and just want to start trusting again! If so, then this is for YOU!

You are ready to get asked the tough questions, reflect, gain insight, and take the necessary action you need to get the results you have been dying for!

Private 7 – 12 month program for married couples ready to work individual recovery in tandem with laying the foundations of a successful marital recovery from sexual addiction & betrayal trauma

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