Relationship Evolution: Bulletproof Your Marriage

Relationship Evolution is a 3 month program for pre-engaged & engaged couples who want to be 100% confident walking down the aisle to say, “I Do.” This is your space to explore the strengths and weaknesses you have as a couple and learn how to become the strongest, healthiest, most connected and intimate couple you can be.

*For couples not going through sexual addiction, intimacy anorexia, or betrayal trauma. If this is you, please scroll to Knights & Warriors.


The Recovery Haven

We designed The Recovery Haven for two main reasons:

When polling our audience, a majority of people answered they wanted services that didn’t require a LIVE aspect (busy schedules, varying time zones, etc.)

A monthly and/or yearly membership ensures you are able to not fall into complacency by getting long-term support both in a community setting with personalized responses and coaching.

In our Membership we wanted to be able to give our clients the very best by mixing key elements to recovery success:

A Safe Community

Continual Education/Training/Programs

Live Coaching

Exclusive Discounts + Content

We also want to treat those who truly commit to the long-term journey of recovery, so that when you sign up for a year’s Membership, a full quarter of the year is on us!

Knights & Warriors


Our signature 7 month program for married couples to work their individual recovery in tandem while weaving in the foundations to save their marriage! This is for the married couple that’s ready to move heaven and earth to save themselves, their marriage, and their family!


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