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Relationship Reboot Program

This program is for couples that are struggling with communication, intimacy, and their sex lives. They are at their wits end and unsure of how to create the relationship they desire.

This program gives couples the skills, through daily actions, step-by-step, learning the relationship skills to enhance and create the relationship they desire!

Relationship Ready Program

This program is for singles that are struggling with finding the relationship they want. Whether they can’t find the right partner, aren’t sure what they want, or don’t know the relationship skills, this program will teach them self-awareness and the skills to have a successful relationship!

This program gives singles the skills, through step-by-step daily actions to become self-aware, learn relationship skills to know that they have the skills to have a successful relationship, and not settle – making sure they find the person that is right for them!

Porn Addicts Recovery Program

This program is for porn addicts that are ready to take recovery seriously, disclose to their partner, and change their lives! In this program the addict will learn the proper way to disclose to their partner, learn coping skills to manage urges, learn about betrayal trauma to be considerate of their partner in this time, and gain the skills to live life to the fullest, leaving their addiction behind!

Partners of Porn Addicts Recovery Program

This program is for the partners of porn addicts. This is for any partner who has just discovered their partner’s addiction or has had their partner disclose to them. This is often a time of crisis and confusion and this program is here to help you get through the toughest part of the journey! In this program you will learn about porn addiction, betrayal trauma, and coping skills to get through the triggers. You will learn how to set proper boundaries to protect yourself from the addict’s behaviors, and learn to love yourself, despite the addict’s actions.

Interested in one of these programs?

If you’re interested in these programs and have any questions about the program, or want to understand my style of coaching, you can set up a free discovery call!

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