Below you will find our services that range in both length of time and low versus high touch support. Please email with the subject “Service Inquiry” if you have any questions or would like to know more about a service.

Different Button Styles Signify Your Readiness To Take Action or Explore Options

Low-Touch Services

Best for those who:

– Know they are able to hold themselves accountable to do the work/program/service

– Are in a place where they prefer to do it at their own pace and are not in a rush for results within a certain timeframe

– Need a jump start with a one-off consultation/coaching session to get a plan of action together and see if you want to continue to get services at The Mod

Savvy Recovery Sundays - FREE

Free recovery letters every Sunday for a year for those who are struggling with or beginning to recover from sexual addiction, intimacy anorexia, or betrayal trauma.

When signing up to SRS you get the 43 Types of Cheating PDF to do with your partner as well as a special bonus surprise gift!

In SRS you will get 33,230 words of content, which equates to 8.5 hours of free time with me and my knoweldge to pass on to you!

The Positivity Journal - $20/journal

The Positivity Journal is for anyone in need of a self-esteem boost!

This journal encompasses the opportunity to commit to rebuilding your self-esteem when you use it daily to challenge the negative beliefs you have about yourself.

This exercise is also one that our clients in our long-term programs love that helps them begin to love themselves again!

ACED Marital Workbook - $45/workbook

ACED is the most effective exercise for those who want to recover from addiction and trauma and rebuild trust and connection after the betrayal and lies.

ACED takes marriages from disconnected couples on the verge of divorce to connected couples that talk for hours on end, feeling heard, valued and loved.

ACED is a key part of why our long-term program clients attain marital recovery.

Personalized Recovery Plan Session with Savannah -$97

This is a one-off session where you will fill out an application that can help me collaborate with you to build out for personal recovery plan – whether you choose to continue working with me or not.

In this session you will leave with:
– Knowing what to implement on a day-to-day basis to succeed in recovery
– Build out a possible recovery team
– Access any potential blocks and work through the biggest one
– Make a 30 day recovery plan

Personalized Relational Recovery Plan Session with Savannah -$97

Pre-Requisite: Personalized Individual Recovery Plan Session

This is a one-off session where you will fill out a form to update me since our PRP Session on where you are at in your individual recovery so I can help you build out the relational plan.

In this session you will leave with:
– Knowing what to implement on a day-to-day basis to succeed in recovery
– Access key issues blocking relational growth
– Focus on top 3 areas to build a plan on
– Make a 30 day relationship recovery plan


Medium-Touch Services

Best for those who:

– Know they need the accountability of a coach and community to help them reach their goals

– Want results in a quicker timeframe and want the support to help them get there in a timely manner

– Prefer and need more contact and support from your coach (written check-ins as well as video sessions)

– Who want a community to connect with others while implementing what they learn

Fostering Intentional Relationship Evolution (FIRE) - OPENS FEBRUARY 14th, 2022

Fostering Intentional Relationship Evolution (FIRE) is our Facebook Coaching Community for any person that is serious about building their interpersonal and relational skills to create the healthiest, most passionate, and connected relationship they can have with themselves and others.

We cover, coach, support, and teach a variety of interpersonal relational skills as well as address various relational topics/aspects that can make or break a relationship in the group in 2 audio sessions/month, regular written content and coaching exercises, as well as the 2 Q&A sessions/month.

We are present to support, coach, guide, and provide resources for your individual relationship goals – whether that’s to build a better relationship with yourself, your partner, or your kids!

This group is a paid coaching group, not accessible without filling out an intake to vet the members who would like to join before making a payment. We want to make sure this group is a right fit for you and your goals!

As a FIRE starter, you will get exclusive discounts –¬†up to 50% off – on other services we offer when you successfully refer someone to our group or other services – 5% off/successful refferal!



This group is for you if you are:

– Single and want to build interpersonal skills and self-esteem up before dating again/during the dating process

– In a relationship and want to build out the relationship you desire

– A parent that needs support in day to day parenting, learning how to help your kids through the various challenges in today’s world, and build a stronger connection with your child

– Open to trying new approaches to achieve your goals

– Have a desire to grow, develop and evolve to the best version of yourself

– Ready to invest your time, money, and effort into reaching your goals

It is our #1 goal and priority to foster a safe, supportive, and healthy group of individuals all working towards the goal of bettering themselves and their relationship and are ready to put in the time, financial investment, and consistent effort to achieve their goals!

Singles: $62.50/month or commit to 4 months with one payment of $200 (20% savings!)

Couples: $125/month (each partner has to fill out the intake) or commit to 4 months with one payment of $400 (20% savings!)

First 10 Founding FIRE Starters will get a locked in* early-bird rate of $50/month for singles and $100/month for couples!

*Locked in rate occurs once payment to join membership has been processed and remains in place as long as they have continued membership. If there is a break in membership time you will go to the normal rate.


Email Coaching - Varies by program/package ($250-$575)

Email coaching is perfect for those who prefer the written word over video sessions.

Clients find that email coaching has added benefits of a written record, flexibility in schedule, and budget friendly, enabling them to have support in attaining their goals!

Relationship Evolution + Knights & Warriors E-Coaching Tracks Available!

Technology Session with Chloe - $250

For betrayed partners that have a desire to understand the technology their partner has used as well as could use in their addiction so that they can know if their partner is lying about trying to loop hole the technology.


Rock Your Recovery Starter Bundle -$900

This bundle is for anyone who wants to lay a solid foundation for long-term recovery success. This bundle includes 3 take home programs as well as our workbooks (if you’re in the US) as well as a 3 hour deep dive session to set you up for long-term success.

This bundle encompasses all the programs we made that helped our higher clients gain success in our long-term programs.

High-Touch Services

Best for those who:

– Know they need the accountability of a coach every week/every other week to help them reach their goals

– Want results in a quick timeframe and want the high level of support to help them get there

– Is 110% ready to commit to themselves and their partner and is ready to put in the *daily* work to achieve their goals

– 3+ month commitment to individual and/or relational development

Relationship Evolution: Bulletproof Your Marriage - $6,300

Relationship Evolution is a 3 month program for pre-engaged & engaged couples who want to be 100% confident walking down the aisle to say, “I Do.”

This is your space to explore the strengths and weaknesses you have as a couple and learn how to become the strongest, healthiest, most connected and intimate couple you can be.

*This program is for couples that are not going through sexual addiction, intimacy anorexia, or betrayal trauma. If this is you, please scroll to Knights & Warriors.

Knights & Warriors $14,600


  • Been to Therapy (whether couples or individual)
  • Ready to do daily work to achieve goals
  • Ready to trust the process

Our signature 7 month program for married couples to work their individual recovery in tandem while weaving in the foundations to save their marriage! This is for the married couple that’s ready to move heaven and earth to save themselves, their marriage, and their family!

Relationship Revolution - $25,000


  • Been to Therapy

Relationship Revolution is a one year fully customized program for committed couples to to fully develop themselves and their relationship at the deepest levels. By the end of the year, you will have connected to your most authentic self as well as strengthened the relational bond, passion, and connection to your partner.

Relationship Revolution Can Encompass:

*Clients can take or leave topics that they want to achieve progress in

– Any module(s) from Knights & Warrior

– Any module(s) from Relationship Evolution

– Continued trust building

– Continued communication skills & building of respect

– Enhancing Intimacy (11 Types & 7 Levels + Dating & Romance)

– Building Financial Security

– Parenting & Family Planning

– Building (and balancing) Interdependency

– Daily Living (i.e. chores, routines, responsibilities, schedules)

– Long-term goals (i.e. 3, 5, 7 year goals)

– Lifestyle Changes (diet, exercise, work/home balance, etc.)

– Respecting Differences & Celebrating Similaries

– Boundaries (i.e. with in-laws, extended family, friends, co-workers, etc.)

– Community & Social Life

– Personal Development (i.e. hobbies, career, going back to school, career change, etc.)

– Fun & Recreation Time

– Continuing to build your Recovery Lifestyle

– Gains access to any/all new offers that come out that year

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