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At The Modern Mr. and Mrs. our mission is to help couples gain the techniques, tools, and skills they need so they can have healthy communication, a strong foundation of trust, a mutually fulfilling sex life, and a life free from addiction and trauma. 

Whether you’re a couple struggling with trust, communication, and sexual intimacy or a couple battling porn addiction and betrayal trauma, we have created amazing programs, workshops, and support groups for you. We meet you where you are at and help you get to where you want to be.

Please take time and look over our services and see which one is the best fit for you!

Relationship & Recovery Coaching Programs

Relationship Evolution Program

This program is for couples that are struggling with trust, communication, intimacy, and their sex lives. They are at their wits end and unsure of how to create the relationship they desire.

This program gives couples the skills, through daily actions, step-by-step, learning the relationship skills to enhance and create the relationship they desire!

Recovery Revolution: Reclaim Love & Life Program

This program is for couples that are struggling from porn addiction and betrayal trauma and are seeking to work both individual and relational recoveries. Couples are absolutely lost in how to quit porn and heal from betrayal.

This program is a deep dive into all three recovery journey’s where the porn addict will learn the skills necessary to kick addiction’s ass, while the betrayed will learn skills to navigate betrayal trauma and learn to love themselves again, while both partners will learn what it takes to recover their relationship from this addiction and trauma.

Launching 2020 

Recovery Workshops

These workshops are for porn addicts and partners experiencing betrayal trauma. In these workshops you will find we address various aspects of recovery and have laid them out in a beneficial order for you so you don’t have to wonder what is the best way to start recovery. These workshops help you navigate recovery, build strategies into your life, and give you the knowledge you need to stay on track and reconstruct a new recovery lifestyle!

Group Recovery Coaching

If you are looking for support in your recovery, then you’re in the right place. Most addicts and partners of porn addicts  have no where to go. The places they’ve looked for support have blamed them, calling them co-addicts or co-dependent while telling the addict that porn addiction doesn’t exist. In reality, the partners are traumatized and need understanding and the addicts need real recovery tools.

Often betrayed partners feel ashamed, alone, isolated, and at times crazy for their reactions. They are feeling worthless, unlovable, and that something must be wrong with them for their partner to prefer porn to them.

One of the main reasons porn addiction thrives is because of the secrecy and deep shame that addicts suffer from. They feel isolated, alone, and that no one would ever love or accept them if anyone knew what they’ve done in their addiction.

I am here to tell you that with group coaching you get a bunch of important aspects of recovery in one! You get accountability. You get support. You build genuine friendships. You gain understanding. You gain skills. You gain freedom of isolation. You get the support you need to navigate the challenges of recovery.

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