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At The Modern Mr. and Mrs. our mission is to help married couples gain the techniques, tools, and skills they need so they can have healthy communication, a strong foundation of trust, a mutually fulfilling sex life, and a life free from addiction and trauma. 



We walk you all the way from the early of recovery to the higher levels to help you create your Personal Recovery Lifestyle.


We meet you where you are at and help you get to where you want to be through our tiered services.


Please explore your recovery options to see which one is the best fit for you, your family, and for the stage of recovery you’re in!


Note the time frames are estimates of where the 100% committed couple would be if they had their discovery/disclosure day and got into recovery that month.


For those in the very beginning stage of recovery

(i.e 0-3 Months Post Discovery/Disclosure Day)

Please find a qualified therapist.

Our top reccomendation to start your recovery journey right is to find an AASAT certified therapist

If it’s possible for you to travel, Doug Weiss at Heart To Heart counseling offers intensives where you can get Theraputic Disclosures done.

If you cannot find an AASAT Certified Therapist then our second recommendation would be to find a CSAT or CMAT (if you have multiple addictions).

Couples therapy is HARMFUL in the beginning.

PLEASE do individual therapy first.

If you’re struggling to begin recovery join our Free Facebook Group The Betrayed’s Haven at the very least so you have a safe place to get support!

The Betrayed’s Haven Free Facebook Community!

In this group there are tons of resources, you can join and meet other partner’s, and you can each learn from each other and help support one another in the beginning of your recovery journey. 

This is a private group, that follows the betrayal trauma model for partners of masturbation/porn/sex addicts. This group is for those who are ACTIVE in recovery.

You actively want to be out of the situation you are currently in and looking to move forward and heal and recover and level up.

You can vent, share stories, make friends, and take steps forward here!

Note: You must answer the 3 questions to be accepted into this group.


Me and Chloe are in there contributing, replying to comments and posts. 


For those in the early Stage of Recovery

(i.e 3-6 Months Post Discovery/Disclosure Day)

You’ve maybe been in some therapy/are in therapy or other did some other type of coaching, or you’ve been in The Betrayed’s Haven for months now and are ready to start taking action, implementing, and changing your life

Budget Friendly Individual + Group Coaching Program!

We are well aware of how challenging it is to find quality and afforable help!

The Recovery Haven is a program that is broken down into 4 Quarters covering vast topics in recovery, where you get both individual coaching with Savannah and group coaching as well with weekly Q&A/Support sessions. 

THR clients don’t want to lose their job, marriage, or family, and are ready to start taking action to ensure a healthy, loving, connected future!


This group has a limit of 20 women per quarter

Doors Are Open Right Now, and Close on January 2nd!


For those who are ready to commit to individual recovery

(i.e.6-12 months post discovery/disclosure day)

You’ve already done therapy for 3-6 months, you’ve maybe done other types of coaching, but nothing is working the way you want it to. other professionals don’t understand the dynamics of what is really going on and you’re stuck.

Knights & Warriors


Our signature 6 month program for married couples to work their individual recovery in tandem while weaving in the foundations to save their marriage! This is for the married couple that are ready to move heaven and earth to save themselves, their marriage, and their family!


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