Before joining SSR at The Mod, I was lost with no sense of what was wrong with me. By joining SSR I have a clear view of what I must do to have the life I want. SSR has let me know I am not alone in this fight and gives me the resources I need to help me recover from this addiction.

The best part of SSR is having Chloe and Savannah 24/7 to answer my thoughts and questions. I’ve already seen a change in the communication with my wife about my feelings, I understand what addiction is now and how to fight it, and I have hope now, when 2 months ago I didn’t have any. Jak, Savannah, and Chloe work well together.

If you’re thinking about joining SSR, just try it and see what good coaching can do for your life and family!


The Modern Mr. and Mrs. Coaching Client

Before entering SSR I was feeling a little apprehensive, nervous, and actually a tad excited. I feel almost all my apprehension is gone and feel quite comfortable sharing with the guys in SSR. I would say learning about myself and the brain and addiction has had the biggest impact on my recovery. The most valuable part of SSR is the relationship suggestions the coaches give, and knowing that I can both support and love my wife in a safer and healthier environment now that I’m in recovery.

I have been able to, for the first time, be completely honest with my wife, and able to be comfortable with sharing with her what I used to think was insignificant or silly feelings from day to day. SSR has helped our relationship feel that spark again through coaching on true intimacy and relationship values, and on a mental, physical, and spiritual level. Everything from our thoughts, feelings, looks, kisses, and hugs have been amplified. Even the most base intimacy is so special again. Chloe, and Savannah have helped my wife and I exercise self control through the idea of the 90 day celibacy, which is also from what we’re seeing to be an awesome way to reset ourselves and our brains!

It’s pretty special the way Chloe and Savannah communicate their messages to the group and how they conduct themselves in a professional, yet welcoming manner. If you’re thinking about joining SSR, go for it! I am genuinely and purely enjoying this group, course, and posts. I love learning about myself and enjoying the self improvement. I am always checking Slack to see if there’s a new post or response, to the point where my work day is longer because I pull my truck over to read the posts all the time!

Dale Ford

The Modern Mr. and Mrs. Coaching Client

In SSR, the take home program, you get access to 10 Recovery Lessons, over 30 Recovery Opportunities to begin implementing so that you start building a strong recovery foundation, and our How To Tackle Triggers In Recovery Training!

Recovery Lesson 1: Addiction & Escalation
Recovery Lesson 2:
Relationship Reconstruction

Recovery Lesson 3: Recovery Skills ARE Relationship Skills

Recovery Lesson 4: Recovery In Emergency Situations

Recovery Lesson 5: Communication & Parenting in Addiction Recovery

Recovery Lesson 6: Porn & Sexual Expectations

Recovery Lesson 7: Ogling, Lying, Marital Reconstruction & Accountability

Recovery Lesson 8: PIED & Sex, Communication, and Betrayal Trauma Attacks

Recovery Lesson 9: Halloween & Plan to Plan Your Plans

Recovery Lesson 10: Preparing For Thanksgiving in Recovery

BONUS: How To Tackle Triggers in Recovery Training

What You REALLY Leave SSR With:

  • Clean and Sober!

  • Meet The REAL You (Underneath The Addiction!)

  • Shame-Free

  • Relational Knowledge and Skills

  • Momentum in your recovery AND your marriage!

  • Connection with yourself and spouse (and kids) again!

“I was so excited entering SSR. I was ready to make the next step in my recovery. Through SSR it has made me feel so good to actually see the true me, the one I haven’t seen in a long time. The biggest impact SSR has had on me is that it feels like a second chance at life. I was on the verge of destroying my marriage, which is the greatest thing I have ever had.

The most valuable part of SSR is the open communication that slack messages offers as well as the information from the monthly calls.

SSR has changed many things for me, but the main things are that I have emotions for the first time and actually know how I feel during these emotions. Me and my wife’s communication is outstanding. I actually feel no fear in telling her how I feel and she doesn’t either. We tell each other everything now – the good and the bad. I’m also so much calmer and willing to listen without giving my opinion.

I am currently working towards 90 day celibacy, to show my wife that she is important and matters and that she is loved by me, as weel as working on having complete control of my thoughts while in public.

The coaches at The Mod are straight to the point with their knowledge and what they think. If you’re thinking about joining SSR, you have nothing to lose by trying! SSR has all the tools to give you a sober life if you choose to join. It will save everything you love if you put in the work.

Thank you to the coaches and others in SSR to get me to where I am today. I am looking forward to moving to the next level of recovery in the Knights & Warriors program!”


The Modern Mr. and Mrs. Coaching Client

Client Interview: From Active Addiction to SSR to Becoming a Knight

SSR Take Home Investment: $300

SSR VIP (3 individual sessions): $795

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